update: sex at london.craigslist.org

update: sex at london.craigslist.org


Well, the folks using our London site really are having a good time. You
can check out our London statistics which show an enormous surge
of activity, I just hope we can maintain our performance.

The Guardian just had an update.
Here's a few words:

Brief encounters

Then there's the morning-after pill, which is, apparently, responsible for
a whole new swath of sexual diseases as eager lovers ignore the humble
condom and think, like Scarlett O'Hara, 'tomorrow is another day'. Casual
sex is on the up all round, it seems. There has been a surge of hits to
the 'Casual Encounters' page on www.london.craigslist.org, where, as The
Observer reported last week, you can post your offer for a local one-night

But whatever happened to the good old days of strangers glancing across
the room at parties and humping in the broom cupboard? Now it's all
dialling up internet numbers, crafting posts, complex meeting plans and
queuing all morning for the GP. I don't call that 'casual'. It's looking
easier just to get married and have done with it.

The folks at Reverie told me I should visit London to "get on top" of things,
or perhaps "get to the bottom" of the matter. I'm flexible.


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gerry williams

looking for a sexy, no strings sexual encounter on sat 9th feb at around 2100 leave a message and address. I am a single tall black male looking for a fun single female , couple or bi couple. I live in manchester and can drive to meet up. gerry

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