Kinky Friedman, next governor of Texas

Kinky Friedman, next governor of Texas


I'm a big fan of Kinky Friedman, not only for his current really good mysteries, but as the originator of Jewish Country Western music. (He's probably the only practitioner.)

Well, the New York Times reports that the Kinkster is considering becoming the next governor of Texas.

Anyway, the job — heavy on ceremony in Texas, where the real power lies in the lieutenant governor's authority to control the Senate agenda — does not daunt the curly-mopped Mr. Friedman, whose real name is Richard and who gives his age as 59, though adding, "I read at the 61-year level." Given those who have come before him, he said, "how hard could it be?"

This is a man who, once he makes up his mind, is riven by indecision. So, he is often asked, is he serious? "Serious is not a word I would use, because I'm never serious," he said. "Some things are too important to be taken seriously." But, he said, "an alarming number of people think I could win."

"The question," he added, "is whether my candidacy is a joke, or the current crop of politicians is the joke."

He was originally for the war in Iraq, he said, and argued with Willie Nelson about it. "He's a tyrannical bully," he told Mr. Nelson, "and we got to take him out."

"No," he says Mr. Nelson objected, "he's our president, and we got to stick by him."

In a Friedman administration, he said, Mr. Nelson would lead the Texas Rangers, unless he was called to Washington to head the Drug Enforcement Administration.

I think this is a really good idea… seriously.

Check out his site.