Serious political change

Serious political change


Current day politics is a matter of money and who you know, and doesn't
deliver results … which is why most of us have given up on politics.

However, people connecting via the Internet are changing this, by
combining their voices to organize, raise funds, and get the word out.
Everyday people have gotten serious about change; this is not
well-intentioned but futile activism.

It looks like it's working, the most notable examples are the Dean
campaign, and the online petitions from people like Consumers'
Union/Reports. Consumers' Union has helped pass strong financial privacy
and anti-spam laws in California.

I'm figuring out how to make a microscopic contribution of my own along
these lines, and like usual, I don't know what I'm doing. However, I'm
one persistent nerd-boy, and I'm getting help from experienced political
ops, who like the culture of trust on craigslist.

If you're interested… some special interests in Washington are
threatening to pre-empt the financial privacy and antispam laws, and
Consumers' Union/Reports have a good online system which allows you to
send something to your representatives regarding financial privacy:

financial privacy now

I just heard, moments ago, that the amendment to fix this was defeated,
more to come, this fight ain't over.

and also note:

escape from cell hell

I've been talking to staffers in Sacramento and Washington; they tell me
that a system which qualifies petitioners as constituents will get their

Finally, it looks like maybe the following folks have a real serious shot
at a mass peace movement for the Mideast, and I could use your feedback:

OneVoice/silent no longer