Treo 600 — some comments

Treo 600 — some comments


Well, I'm an engineer, a guy, and of course, a nerd, so I really like my
tech toys. I just got a Treo 600, which really helps me out. It's a great
phone and PDA combination for people with a lot of contacts and a fairly
full calendar. They've done so much of the phone just right.

Here are a few observations…

  • the feel of the Treo is really good, nice heft and dimensions. The
    screen and keyboard are exceptional.

  • you can really use the phone with one hand. the cursor button does
    the job.

  • polyphonic ring tones really are effective. I use the them from Monty
    Python for people I know, and the old fashioned phone ring for people I
    don't know.

  • overall, good use of sound for feedback, which matters more than I
    thought it would.

  • much faster than its predecessors, which is particularly satisfying
    when syncing up with a PC.

  • Internet connection via GPRS is much faster, meaning that browsing the
    web is pretty useful.

  • lots of incremental improvements, much appreciated