Restoring democracy?

Restoring democracy?


I'm still working on what I should be saying or doing about politics.

For sure, I'm no real pundit, I've just learned a few things by doing immense amounts of customer service and by paying attention to what's going on.

Political office holds no attraction for me, they're all pretty bad jobs for a nerd guy like me.

However, I think we all want things to be better.

Pretty much, we all want to give the other guy a break.

Pretty much, we want everyone to have a place at the table.

Too much of politics is run by groups with lots of money and lobbyists, maybe special interest groups, maybe big companies.

I'm thinking more about how to make this happen, hence my interest in what groups like Consumers' Union and the Dean campaign are doing. In particular, the latter seems genuinely interested in using methods which give power to individuals, particularly volunteers. Once that genie is out of the bottle, there's no way to put it back in.

Whatever I do, it gotta be separate from craigslist; I'm speaking for myself.

More to come …