Strength in defense: Dean vs Bush

Strength in defense: Dean vs Bush


My primary interest in the Dean campaign lies in their strategy and use of the Internet. They give away power to the public and use the Net for two way communication.

Yesterday, Saddam's capture got me to thinking about defense issues and the fight against real terrorism.

It's occured to me that the Iraq war was motivated by purposes other than defense and was a major distraction to really fighting terrorism. In addition, it encourages terrorism and is mostly just losing our country friends throughout the world and creating enemies.

I'm now convinced that Bush is weak on defense and terrorism.

On the other hand, reading today's speech by Dean, it looks like he's serious about defense and counter-terrorism. A few excerpts:

Empowered by the American people, I will work to restore:

The legitimacy that comes from the rule of law;

The credibility that comes from telling the truth;

The knowledge that comes from first-rate intelligence, undiluted by ideology;

The strength that comes from robust alliances and vigorous diplomacy;

And, of course, I will call on the most powerful armed forces the world has ever known to ensure the security of this nation.

First, we must strengthen our military and intelligence capabilities so we are best prepared to defend America and our interests.

Second, we must rebuild our global alliances and partnerships, so critical to our nation and so badly damaged by the present administration.