(Hey, this is taken from their words, minimal editing on my part, they're doing really good work. /Craig)

Consumers Union is taking on the big cell phone companies again, leading
consumers in an organized effort to — as they say — get out of Cell Hell!
Check out their website at

They're hoping to deliver thousands of letters to the big companies in the
next week or so.

Last November, consumers won a key victory before the FCC allowing consumers
to take their cell phone number when they leave a company. The thousands of
emails the FCC received from consumers were key to that success.

The new helps consumers take the next steps out of
Cell Hell by calling for better information on "dead zones," pro-rating
early termination fees, and a prohibiting companies "locking down" cell
phones so they can't be used on other carriers' networks.

More importantly, provides a way for consumers to
organize themselves by taking their complaints directly to the companies and
the FCC.

Earlier this week Consumers Union's magazine, Consumer Reports, hit the
newsstand with its Cell Phone Special, blasting companies on call quality,
911, and other service issues.

If you've experienced your own Cell Hell take this opportunity to call for
better service.