Joe Trippi talk at etcon and new blog

Joe Trippi talk at etcon and new blog


Hey, here's one of those humans who's a lot smarter and eloquent than I am, and he has a lot of real life experience regarding online democracy efforts. Until recently, he was Howard Dean's campaign manager.

In his speech at etcon, he made two points which matter a lot.

  • We're at a turning point in history, and have just started doing online democracy, we are off to a great start, and gotta be persistent.

  • This scares establishment Democrats, but they'll come around.

Here are my favorite quotes from his speech, from his new blog

I fervently believe that we're at a pivotal point in our country. Broadcast politics has failed us miserably; failed the country miserably. You have no debate, real debate going into the war. There was a never real debate about the Patriot Act. That debate isn't happening anywhere in the country except on the Net really.

There is only one tool, one platform, one medium that allows the American people to take their government back, and that's the Internet.

It's going to happen because millions of Americans decide to act in concert together to change America's politics.

And let me tell you something. I said this before. No one is going to change the country for you. We're going to have to do it for ourselves. No knight on a white horse in shining armor is going to ride into Washington by himself and change that place. Not going to happen. He can be as well meaning as he wants to, it's not going to happen. There's only one force, it's us, it's the American people, and this is the place, this is the platform. It is the Internet that gives them the power to come together as one community and take their country back.

(Yes, I'm repetitive in my choice of quotes.)