Major Microsoft/MSN/Hotmail snafu reported

Major Microsoft/MSN/Hotmail snafu reported


Hey, I just found about new Microsoft efforts changes which might cause many emails to not be delivered to their email subscribers.

I'd like to hear from them, but have no clue who to contact.

The following is from the South by Southwest conference site

Most importantly, I don't think they ever clearly and conspicuously tell their users that according to them:

Microsoft does not have an obligation to deliver any particular e-mail message.

Here's more, but check out the whole entry for yourself at the link above.

"Recently, I found myself on the wrong side of Microsoft's white lists. My company is a small web-based service where users must supply a valid email address in order to register. We don't abuse the email addresses and state so in the Privacy Policy. As a result, we get many registrations and we need to send an auto-confirmation to the provided email address. If the user receives the email and clicks on the embedded URL, then the registration is completed. Pretty straight-forward stuff. As you would expect, many users provide Hotmail addresses. This is fine with us. We do the same when we visit other sites! About 5 weeks ago, new users started complaining to us about not receiving the confirmations. After seeing a pattern in the complaints and digging in the logs for a few weeks, we decided to bring our ISP into the loop. This helped our ISP see a pattern emerge out of the complaints from their other customers.

Apparently, Microsoft had started dropping email into the bit bucket without letting anyone know. The hard part was proving this *and* finding a way to communicate our argument to Microsoft. How in the world do you get a hold of someone at Hotmail? There's no email addresses or phone numbers! We gathered our data and through personal connections, we were able to find a human being and work our way through the system. We finally found a Hotmail person who was willing to listen to us. At first she denied that Microsoft would dump email without explanation. After going through a few rounds of tests with her, she changed her story. She said:

Thank you for contacting MSN Hotmail. With the help of the detailed troubleshooting information you have provided, we have determined that the message in question, the Less Network Confirmation, but not your other test emails, has been blocked by an MSN Hotmail filter deployed to stop unsolicited e-mail. Like many other e-mail service providers, MSN Hotmail uses filtering methods to stop unsolicited e-mail. Consumers have told us that stopping unsolicited e-mail is a top priority and because our #1 goal is pleasing our customers, we are employing technology that helps protect them from unsolicited e-mail

Note that they're doing this without the informed consent or notice to their users.

If this is wrong, I'll correct it right away