Peter Plate reads from new novel

Peter Plate reads from new novel


Okay, you probably know my fantasy that we've got some kind of literary renaissance going here in San Francisco.

Peter Plate is a really good writer, talking about life and crime in SF, and his next book and reading is soon, at City Lights, which is as cool as could be.

Here's more from the announcement… see you there!

Thursday, July 1st, 2004, 7 pm

Peter Plate will be reciting from and discussing his new novel, Fogtown, published by Seven Stories Press

One foggy day in San Francisco brings together bloody ghosts, a dandyish thug, capricious cops, a suicidal punk rocker, a hyperliterate slumlord, and a sweet old lady sent by God to hand out cash from a hijacked armored car. In Fogtown, Peter Plate uses a loving hand to carve his characters out of hallucination, perversity, and tenacity. Plate's noir sensibility gives him special fluency with the weary souls of urban America's down and out; Fogtown describes a new age unmistakably built on the twentieth century of Nelson Algren and Charles Bukowski.

Peter Plate is a socio-geographer of San Francisco’s lesser-celebrated regions. His works are meditations upon the lives of individuals struggling with life and death in the avenues of a dark urban landscape. In his latest book, Fogtown, he continues his forays into the shadow realms of San Francisco, allowing its denizens to tell their stories of cataclysm and redemption. He is the author of five previous novels, Black Wheel of Anger (1990), Darkness Throws Down the Sun Factory (1991), The Romance of the American Living Room (1993), One Foot Off the Gutter (1995), and Snitch Factory (1997).

"[Plate's] San Francisco is a fiery hell, where the devil rides in a squad car, and God doesn't deign to put in an appearance." –San Francisco Chronicle

"Plate is to San Francisco what Hubert Selby Jr. is to New York: a gritty, honest speaker for the grimy masses and their everyday struggle to not just survive but triumph." –Willamette Week (Portland, OR)

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