for SF: looks like Prop L is real bad

for SF: looks like Prop L is real bad


Hey, I've been hearing from a lot of people that Prop L is really ugly, and now I hear it from the local film community:

Prop L will fleece the City of more than $10 million each year.
This money would come straight from our General Fund, which pays for
public health, police protection, even fire protection which is
already being scaled back due to budget cuts. Can we afford to deprive
needy organizations of an additional $10 million each year of scarce
funds? NO!

Prop L designates "Save our Theaters" as the recipient of this $10
million a year. As of September 1st, "Save our Theaters" had no staff,
no board of directors and no track record of accomplishments in San
Francisco. Why? "Save Our Theaters" didn't exist! Can we afford to
give $10 million a year to a group that doesn't even exist? NO!

Some of the No on L Supporters:

Sean Penn, Actor

Francis Ford Coppola, Director & Filmmaker

Phil Kaufman, Director

Peter Coyote, Actor

and many many others!

check out their site