eHarmony spam update

eHarmony spam update


You might recall that eHarmony had signed me up without my consent, and has proceeded to spam me.

They subsequently promised to cancel the account in my name, twice.

Now, I receive an email from them telling me that my account was not cancelled, but has just been place "on hold".

Anyone know how to get them to fulfill their commitment?



Tom Bales

Having exactly the same problem. Had never been near their site and suddenly started receiving emails either from them or from an outfit called in their name.
I have gone to their site and sent email directly to their customer support section detailing my complaints to the SPAM unit at the FTC and my states Attorney General's office. Other than that and applying filters to 86 their mail before it gets to my mailbox, there doesn't seem to be much else you can do.
I do intend to follow up on my complaints. The feds are a lazy bunch but the AG here is pretty much of a go-getter when it comes to consumer protection. I'm an invalid with nothing else much to do but tilt at windmills anyway so it doesn't cost anything to stand up for myself.

Tom Bales

This is what I got back from them. Duly forwarded to the proper authorities. Now I'm off to send my nastygram to them again using the new method. Why do I have this sneaking suspicion that it will require me to be a member before I can complain?
Thank you for your inquiry.
At this time, we are no longer accepting e-mail inquiries that are submitted outside of our FAQ web form.
We invite you to visit our Help pages at that contain answers to your most frequently asked questions. Additionally, if you would like to still contact our Customer Care team, please submit your e-mail inquiry through the "E-mail Us Your Question" link which is also located in our Help section.
Please Note: We regret to inform you that the e-mail message that you have submitted was not received and you will not receive a response.

Tom Bales

OK, this is the latest from them. If you choose to go this route make sure you mention complaints to and your state AG. We'll see if the spam stops coming now. If it doesn't, I pay a lawyer $500 a year just to sit on his butt in case I need a letter written. That may be the next step.
Dear eHarmony Friend,
Thank you for contacting We apologize for the inconvenience.
We have processed your request to unsubscribe your e-mail address from our database. We appreciate your concern and we are working to ensure the removal of your e-mail address from eHarmony’s promotional and informative e-mail distribution list.
We wish you all the best.
Customer Relations


Angrily tell them you're married and your wife does not appreciate you visiting dating websites. That worked for me. I haven't seen an e-mail since.

Wendy S

I tried to sign up for an account with them and was rejected because of my marital status – "seperated". That's fair – but not the ton of spam I am now getting that I am absolutely sure can be traced back to them because since I own a domain, I gave them "eharmony@…". The EHARMONY CUSTOMER SERVICE number is 800-263-6133. I called them and was assured that they never share information, but my account would be marked no email just in case there was something the representative was "not aware of". Yah, right. Stay very far away from these people. Good luck, Craig.

denise lanier

UPDATE: Denise, sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about, have emailed you separately.
I am NOT interested in com pleting my form because I am not sure of the cost and so therefore take me off your mailing list…I am not interested.

June McDonald

I have been trying to cancel this account now for over 9 weeks. There are charges monthly etc. that are continuously being charged to my credit card. I would like this account cancelled and a credit for the last 2 months including the one just posted credited immediately. What is the problem that this is not happening as requested? Thanks

joanne williams

i cancelled when ireceived a call for payment several months ago, but am still being billed. what's with this?

Kevin Harville

I have hundreds of spams sent to my eharmony@ email address as well. The ONLY place I used it was with them. Either they are responsible or should be taking legal action against the spammers. They mention this as being a problem–google "eHarmony Newsletter 29 Spam". They probably willingly let out their list or had an insider sell it.

Victor Honrath

Please do not renew my account! This is not working out for Me.

Jean Brooker

I have tried to cancel my
application to their eharmony
website but so far have not
been able to reach anyone.
They have a lot of my personal information and they
did not complet my application. I am going
to contact the attorney general office Monday.

Ron Jones

I use to belong over one year ago and canceled. I received no comments or mail then on valentines day I was spammed 8-10 messages a day. I contacted them voicing displeasure and requesting they stop. They sent automated messages telling me to log on and cancel/close my account. I have contacted an attorney and the FTC in an attempt to stop these spam attacks.

krystyna soltys

Dear Sir
As far as I know,I gave the authority to charge my credit card for only the 3 month membership…february, march, and april. I had health issues, and was out of normal activities for some time. I see that my CITI credit card was charged for may, june, and july without my approval. I will not pay for something which I did not order. The charges for may, june, and july were not authorized, therefore you never should have charged me before asking me if I would like to continue my membership with E Harmony. I have already contacted my credit card company concerning this matter. Two times,an unauthorized charge of ($29.99) was made to my credit card. Charging credit cards without authorization of the account holder is a dishonest act.
Krystyna Soltys

Kenneth K. Parks

Please help me- I need to cancil this subscription- I just received email telling me I am being billed for another month. I have tried to cancil after original 3-month payment- but you keep renewing this without my permission. I will never advise anyone to give a credit card to eharmony.
Please advise me- Kenneth Parks.

Christina Darling


K. Barnes

I subscribed to eharmony for three months and no more.  I received an email notifying me that my credit card was billed $96.00 dollars for another three months which I did not authorize.  I had also requested that I not be matched with anyone more than 50 miles away and eharmony continued to match me with people 1,000 miles away from me even after I called and requested that they not match me with people outside of the area I had requested.  So essentially, I didn't get what I paid for the first time.  Eharmony is a SCAM!

lana culpepper

At the emd of my year's membership,e-harmony has signed me up for another month and charged my credit card without any authorization from me.I have called my credit card to stop any further charges but I don't know how to contact e-harmony. This is the address they gave me on the e- mail but I don't see anywhere to talk directly to them.

John Newman

I signed up for Secure Call subscription and have since gotten married and cancled my eHarmony membership but I cannot cancel this Secure Call subscription. wwhat is going on?

Christine Cleary

Please cancel my eharmony
account and refund me $19.95
you have taken the liberty to charge to my credit card.
Please email me back to confirm that this cancellation and refund will take place.
Regards, Christine Cleary.

Tiberio Ratkovic

Please cancel my eharmony account and refund me 140.95
I did not give my permission
to charge to my credit card.
Please email me back to confirm that this cancellation and refund will take place.
Regards,Tiberio Ratkovic

Debbie Paine

Please do not renew my membership when renewal is due on 20 September.
Thank you

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