Mike McCurry and I talk 'net neutrality at the WSJ

Mike McCurry and I talk 'net neutrality at the WSJ


Mike's a genuinely big deal, he was the CJ Cregg in the Clinton White House, and is now an influential lobbyist and Beltway insider. He's smart about a world that scares me.

Nevertheless, we had quite a conversation here at the Wall Street Journal.

Mike did make some points about the need to develop new tech capacity, but with nothing to back that up. People smarter than me pointed out that it's already there, at least the difficult, expensive part.

He seems to agree with my points about 'net neutrality providing a level playing field, consistent with a fundamental American value: play fair, work hard, and get ahead.

Mike also didn't contradict that we all know that big telecoms have a bad record when it comes to trust. Consider the last time your phone company reneged on a commitment, and what's the deal with the wiretapping?

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, and I appreciate the folks who sent me material that helped us all out.

Also, I really appreciate all the folks at big telecoms who try really hard to provide good customer service and fairness, particularly since this sometimes gets them in trouble.

For some comments that are much too kind, check out:

  • Jeff Jarvis at Buzzmachine. Note that Jeff and I are involved in an effort to rebuild trust in news media.

  • Ed Cone

I've also noted, in this context, the first attempt at swiftboating me, but it just consisted of name calling.