CONE Sutro Forest birdcam is up and running

CONE Sutro Forest birdcam is up and running


Ken Goldberg and folks at UC Berkeley have set up a large scale multiplayer game, based on a webcam on my deck.

The deal is that you can pan and tilt the camera, in conjunction with lots of other people using the camera. Ken's software tries to figure out what's the consensus view, making this a really good experiment in collaboration via the 'net.

More at Wired and you can find the game and camera here

You'll see the view I see while peering over the display I'm using right now.

This is done by Ken and team; my contribution is very limited, I provide venue, bandwidth, and I gotta fill the feeders, looks like they need more suet.

Apropos of nothing, here's a Stellar's Jay I took earlier from my deck:


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Deborah Frenette

Thanks a heap!
We now love Craig and his list! We have furnished our "new" home, a home in Quebec built in 1835, with furnishing purchased on the list! WOW the items we have found and at a good price.
We sold our home in Toronto and came to this Quebec home (following the direction of our Spiritual Guidance) with the intention of creating a retreat for healing. But we were concerned about $$ (were not earning income here) and wondering how to get the job done without bankrupting our small accounts.
Thanks to Craig, we have accomplished this feat, and met some great people around us. (Shop local, folks there is lots out there near you!)
This will allow us to set up our retreat and to save a few $$ to continue our life changing volunteer work in Cuba. More to come on this amazing work! If you would like details, please reply to the post and I will send you my newsletters.
Many Blessings and Thanks,
Deborah A Frenette

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