got the oqo 2

got the oqo 2


so far, pretty good, works as promised.

When I have cellular function working, I'll never be offline, feeding my dysfunction well.

It's impressive that it comes with no bloatware, no product comeons that clog the system.

Instead, it comes with a current version of Firefox, pretty good.

Hopefully soon, I can get Ubuntu Linux working on it, for reliability and safety.



Anonymous Coward

You get Ubuntu working on that oqo 02? I did, sort of. Still need to get full DMA and DRM support.
Email me and we can talk.

Dennis Moore

Craig —
We'd like to help you to make sure your OQO experience just gets better. Please contact me if you'd like any help or support from us.
Also, please contact me if our support for some of your social initiatives can be of help.
Thanks for being our customer!
— Dennis Moore, OQO

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