Update re debate video from Jeff Jarvis

Update re debate video from Jeff Jarvis


Jeff Jarvis is pretty connected to network media, and he's called MSNBC on this, here at Buzzmachine:

For shame, NBC News: Stealing the debate

A properly pissed off birdie forwarded me NBC News’ restrictions on tonight’s presidential debates, which are many and lead off with this: “internet use is not permitted.”

I think that’s ridiculous and so I sought to find out why they would do this. I called Joe Alicastro, producer of the debate for MSNBC, who was on site. I asked him why they were restricting use of the material on the internet. He twice didn’t answer and said “that’s our policy.” I said I know that’s their policy. I asked why. He would not answer.

I asked whether he thought the Amerian people had a right to this debate since it is our election. He said that “the American people have ample opportunity to view the debate on MCNBC and two North Carolina stations.”

Shameful. What makes NBC think it has the right to own the democratic discussion in this country?


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they are echoing the prevalent Republican theme: the privatization of America…
It is more than that. It pervades, even staunchly Democratic S.F. (in name only?).. …where they closed down the entire SF Arboretum on a Sunday, a few days before Christmas, as they had rented the whole darn thing out to a tv show production company.

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