An update from the One Voice peace movement

An update from the One Voice peace movement


You might remember I joined a moderates' movement, One Voice.

Their great accomplishment has been to ask thousands of Palestinians and Israelis "what do you really want?"

Turns out, both sides are much closer than reported, though substantial differences remain.

Here's a little more progress:

  • Over 300,000 Israelis and Palestinians have joined the OneVoice Movement (roughly in equal numbers).

  • Over half of them have taken part in our Citizen Negotiations, revealing grassroots consensus on the ten key pillars for conflict resolution.

  • New members are now being recruited at a steady pace, thanks to an unparalleled human infrastructure across Israeli and Palestinian cities, villages, farms and refugee camps.

  • Well over 2,000 young Palestinians and Israelis have gone through an intensive leadership immersion course and gone on to participate in monthly activities to organize and mobilize their communities. While the challenges to achieve our bold vision are very serious, OneVoice is growing stronger every day.

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Bud Scott

I think it is amazing when "real people" get together and settle their disputes rather than wait for the people with guns and bombs to do it.
I bet as more of them get involved it will be harder to shoot a neighbor or bomb blast a person you just ate lunch with.

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