"Death Is My Exit Strategy, Says Craig Newmark"

"Death Is My Exit Strategy, Says Craig Newmark"


Well, here's a good summary from a talk I gave a coupla days ago.

I did spend a few moments crediting Johannes Gutenberg with the invention of the early 'net, which languished until an early blogger, Martin Luther, built the first killer app. It's generally known at the Reformation.




Hello Craig,
I admire you more and more every day ;).
I'm worried about how society could be improved and I would like to know your opinion about two issues:
Do you think restricting the wealth per person would be useful for society? Thus, many people would invest (a lot of) money in useful things for society.
And second, what about if companies were only owned by people (not by other companies)?
Well, the changes wouldn't be easy, but that's other issue 😉
See you,

Neil in Chicago

The printing press not only gave us the Reformation (in the form it took), it also gave us science (if it isn't published it isn't science) and nationalism ("A nationality is a dialect in print." — me).
If you have the time, _The Printing Press as an Agent of Change_ by Elizabeth L. Eisenstein seriously rocks. (looks like this sucker cuts out links. oh well)

carl bauer

Craig, We'll get plenty of rest….in death. In my fortieth year I've decided ny resting and waiting is over. As to the comment about wealth, no one can be wealthy without public consumtion. You are doing a great service to the public at large, but could you help more by charging businesses more or taking craigslist public ? It's a tough one…..carl

Mark Rose

Since I posted this story I have had vigorous back and forth comments with Delia who manages the ‘craigslist criticism’ blog. Please read eight comments on this post. Essentially, she is saying that Craig’s List is a scheme to use free labor, supplanted by poor service, to pump up the valuation of the company so you make more money when you sell. This amounts to fraud, she is saying. I am exploring the fine line between PR and deception. I am planning a follow-up piece. What is your view on the conversation on this as it has developed on PRBlogNews?
Thank you.
Mark Rose, Editor

jack barry

To Mark Rose:
What "fine line"? If the p.r. promotes a "deception of any aspect, in any way", it is "deception", or "the usual bullpoop".
If I promote a new "weight loss product, and omit its side effects, then my promotion is "the usual bullpoop".
Where is the line fine?
Separately: CL should charge, at least, a nominal fee for most listings, and channel that $$ to needy causes. No?


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