"Insanely Useful" sites for government transparency

"Insanely Useful" sites for government transparency


Hey, there are people working hard to clean up our government, and if you want to help out, check out this list from Sunlight Foundation.

Here're a few:

Congresspedia – a project of the Sunlight Foundation and the Center for Media & Democracy – is an online wiki-based citizens' encyclopedia on Congress hosted on the Center for Media &
Democracy's SourceWatch wiki.

The DOJ Documents search engine – a project created by users of Daily Kos – provides a search function for the massive number of e-mails released by the Department of Justice to the House Committee on the Judiciary in response to the recent firings of District Attorneys.

OpenSecrets.org – a project of the Center for Responsive Politics – is the premiere source of data on money in national politics. OpenSecrets.org provides a searchable database for the campaign finance data of all federally elected politicians since 1989.



Pavel Goberman

With the People's help I'm going to clean up corrupted government. Help me to change dirty diapers.
Some are asking: "Why aren't our existing immigration laws enforced?". Do NOT be so naive, the answer is very simple: money, political prostitution! Employers bought President Bush and many members of US Congress, including R. Wyden and G. Smith and they are paying back to donors: borders are open.
Children of illegal immigrants, born in the USA are NOT citizens of the USA. The US government / taxpayers helped foreign citizens in an emergencies to deliver babies. So, if the deliveries were made on taxpayers expense, the government of the USA must send a Payment Bill to foreign countries where from these illegal immigrants came from. It is enough to "milk" our country: money back.
US government is giving naturalization to many who are NOT loyal to this country. It is a matter of time when some US states will be a North part of Mexico.
No ONE without permission of President Bush may fire US Attorneys.
President Bush rescued Scooter Libby for political reason, because in the prison Libby may talk to investigators about possible enrollment in his fraud Bush and Cheney, that could be a big problem for Bush.
Republicans or Democrats and etc.. What is the difference? Same garbage! Both of them are selling our country. In government is bribery, corruption and political prostitution. President Bush and other political prostitutes in US Congress, including political prostitutes Wyden (D) and G. Smith (R), bought by employers who need cheap labor, are talking, talking and talking about illegal immigration, but….our borders are open. How many potential terrorists are living in Oregon in the USA and are ready to kill Americans? Why Bush and members of Congress do not open the doors of own homes?
US government is wasting many millions taxpayers money on countries where people are saying: "Death America!". But ….. money continue to flow there. What could be more stupidity of our "leaders"? And it is a Republican and Democratic Parties. They are ripping off the People. Lock-up borders first.
Nation get what it voted for. Country must vote for a Person, but NOT for party.
US government: can't win war in Iraq, our borders are open, no sanction against Iran, dependency on foreign oil, huge deficit, heavy traffic and etc. All of this creates a danger to our national security. And if I will not be elected, there will be a matter of not if, but when the weapons of mass destruction will drop on this on this nation from Iran and other countries.
Copy of announcement of my Candidacy for US Senate:
To the People and the Media:
We the People, let us stop political prostitution, stop selling our country by politicians!
Federal Elections Commission Pavel Goberman – Candidate (D, but honest) for
Oregon Secretary of State US Senator in 2008 FEC ID C00412700
"Stop Political Prostitution!", Cand. ID # S4OR00065
P.O. Box 1664
Beaverton, OR 97075
getfit@getenergized.com allbefit@aol.com
People of Oregon, for your benefits vote for me, Pavel Goberman as US Senator (against Political Prostitute G. Smith). Change dirty diapers.
I’m honest, incorruptible (do not accept "contribution, donations"), with faith, integrity and highest moral principles and promise to support the Constitution and work for the People (how many politicians are saying that?). I have an education and successfully managed business, and had an award for this.
Keep jobs here in Oregon and fine / pay big taxes for companies who are moving jobs abroad and sell products here.
Make health care affordable for all citizens, cut cost of drugs.
Employment: I have a plan to reduce unemployment without spending taxpayers money.
We are paying too much income and property taxes. Cut taxes.
Balance budget, control spending, eliminate government waste.
Car Insurance: It is a “Street robbery”. If you have no accidents – 50% money should be returned. Insure a person, but not his/her cars.
I promise to improve the traffic problems and environment without spending many million dollars.
Crime: increase punishments for thieves, burglars, molesters and rapists. They must work and pay back society. Harder punishment for who pollutes air, water and environment.
Education: improve quality of education and discipline. Teach children to respect parents, teachers and taxpayers. Help students with grants and no more than 3% loans..
English must be official language. Lock-up borders to terrorists.
Defend the flag of the USA from desecration.
Share the wealth and health benefits with veterans and seniors who created and defended this nation.
I'm a problem solver and have a plan to make a peace in Iraq and Middle-East.
Defend our nation from weapons of mass destruction.
Government must be by the People and for the People. US Attorney General, US Attorneys and US Judges must be elected: it will be a real separation of power / Democracy. Give political power BACK to the PEOPLE! Voting for me is investing in your country!
Pavel Goberman, Author of "Get Energized!"

Jay Drai

The committee for honest government
FBI arrests N.J. public officials 9/6/2007
Mayor, lawmakers, others accused of taking bribes to influence contracts
Calif. charter school leader indicted 9/5/2007
Prosecutors say he, city councilman siphoned millions in public school funds
I guess being a public official – politician is a license to abuse the public confidence and take bribes and kickbacks. I think any public official who abuses his power and takes bribes, kickbacks and influence should get the full punishment the law can give and in an expedited manner.
It is time public officials should abide by the law do their job honestly and build the public trust and confidence.
Public officials should know that public office is not for sale under no circumstances.
Honest government is a must
Throughout our history, the American people have demanded that their government reflect our nation’s highest ideals of openness and honesty, transparency and integrity and — above all else — a clear commitment to protecting the interest of the American people, not powerful special interests.
When the excesses of a corrupt establishment have gone too far, the American people have risen up and reformed the political process to correct our course — because ultimately it is the people who must lead.
Today, to achieve and maintain power, the leaders of our country have built a system where money not only buys influence, but the right to govern. Special interests and their lobbyists not only buy access, they buy results — on any issue, no matter the public interest. This culture of corruption prevails through all levels of government.
Our leaders have made the terms of the deal very clear. Those who make an investment in keeping dishonest leaders in power will see a huge return on their investment in the form of corporate welfare, no-bid contracts and favorable regulation — at the expense of the public interest.
This corrupt cycle must be broken. When our elected officials bend government to serve their own interests or those of their friends, our democracy is at risk.
Today we should be unveiling an ethics reforms package that will clean up our government so the American people can have the honest leadership they deserve, and so our government can get back to the work of the people for the people.
Honest leadership is not a partisan goal — it is the key to a stronger Union. It is time to put progress ahead of politics. Together, we can change our government and rebuild trust with the American people. We call on all American’s to join the efforts in restoring honest leadership to all levels of government. The American people deserve nothing less.
The committee for honest government.
How come the City of Chicago is allowing an Energy company in Skokie, Illinois to collect City of Chicago taxes on natural gas for over 15 years without paying any of it to the city or refunding it to the customers. Maybe someone has clout – a former Federal judge was part owner in that company. The company is also being represented by the law firm of Greenberg Traurig of which Jack Abramoff was a partner who went to jail, the firm also admitted to criminal charges and kickbacks and paid millions in damages.

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