… under mailbombing attack

… under mailbombing attack


We had to block a site for sucking up lots of our bandwidth, and much worse, and now am fighting fires, even though it's way after midnight, and I have an early flight.

I'll probably be late to answer emails, etc., but will catch up Friday afternoon.



Calvin E. Thomas

I hope you didn't block ListPic. I found it to be perfect to look at cars. I used it this morning and tonight? It doesn't work….
If you did, I would hope you would implement something similar to listpic., Maybe it did use a lot of bandwidth, but that is because it allowed lots of people to browse quickly between lots of classified ads.. and it sped up the process for me by at least 10X!!!

T. Cain

Did Listpic really use bandwidth or save it? If it downloads the data to its own server, it would seem to save bandwidth since so many people would use their server instead of Craig's. You and Ryan should merge your technologies. Hey, remember–It's about us (the customer)!

V Sequeira

I'd like to open a Craigslist brick and mortar store in Houston. Who can I discuss this with?

Ben Kilgore

Dear Craig,
Though I respect your concerns over fair use of your bandwidth and possibly IP, I'm very disappointed that you've chosen to summarily block listpic. Many people have come to rely on listpic for their CL use, and it's a shame that you'd choose to stifle innovation in this way. It would be great if you would be more open with the community about how listpic was detracting from the site, in your view, instead of cutting us off with warning or explanation. It seems that many people feel that what you've done here undermines the community-oriented nature of CL, in that you've chosen to bypass the users. At the very least, it behooves you to open a dialogue with the creator(s) of listpic. We can only guess as to why you've chosen this route, and it's certainly your right to do so. But it seems to us that CL generates communities, and if you would foster them, you should re-examine how this was tackled.
Ben Kilgore

Michael Krause

I am very disappointed that you have chosen to block listpic! There was no better way to search for furniture, cars. I think it would really be in your best interest to find a way to make that a permanent part of your site – an option if you will to view either by listing or in a picture view.
Very disappointed!

jack barry

To: Any and All who would like to sell/see properties for sale…on an MLS, like the
Realtors around the country have: An SF attorney, David Barry, has started a campaign in Maine. It will likely qualify for the Maine, November ballot. If it passes, it will require any realtor who is "signing up a new client's property, for his Realtor MLS, to offer to put it on the "Maine, Open MLS".. (of course: the seller can opt to NOT have this done.)
In short, this Open MLS will do for real estate sales, what CL does for all other sales, and "interactions"
Google to "DavidBarry, Open MLS".
jack barry,
(no relative)


I agree with the comments about ListPic. Please figure out a way to work with them, or please install some similar technology. I just moved into a new apartment and have a lot of furniture to buy–ListPic was the only way to shop CL in an efficient manner. I tried to start shopping CL today the "old" way, and it's just too depressing and time-consuming.


Like everyone else, I love craigslist… it's a great public resource. While the UI is simple and easy to use for many things (job listings, community events, etc.) it's a really terrible way to look at "things" (furniture, artwork, cars, etc.). I havent used craigslist in years to look at "things" because it was so cumbersome to click on 50 links just to maybe find one item I like. I can understand that you have issues w/ this company for whatever reason but you really NEED the functionality. You have no idea how many people only used craigslist because they had a nice visual interface like listpic.
Please find a way to fix this.

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