craigslist still down

craigslist still down


Has to do with problems at colocation facility, more to come…

UPDATE: our sysadmins stayed up way late, and helped fix everything.

For a few more details, at any time, check our systems status page.




hi craig,
sorry about that! It sucks when that happens to your business…
hope it comes back up soon.

Thomas Han

let's hope 365 fire that employee who was drunk.
Amazing how Valleywag prints everything and anything they get :)


Yea, bummer on the outage.
Would be curious to hear what the *REAL* cause of it was. Valleywag has a rep for sensationalistic reporting …
P.S. Nice interview on Charlie Rose …

sylvia flinn

i probably don't have the requirements (URL)etc to be able to use your site, but if anyone gets this, please help me> thank you so much


What can i do to reach the person selling an item i really really want but no matter what, i cannot get in touch with them. i have written to craigshelp, again, to avail. thanks so much. i believe if i could reach a real life person i could solve this situation easily.

Purna Roy

This is Purna from Schwab. I have lost your contact information. I live in the upper Haight area and visit Cole Valley often. I would like to get together with you for some advice on some business ideas. Would you please email me a way to get in touch with you? Perhaps you can suggest a time when you'll be at the French bakery place or a coffee shop in Cole valley and I can just meet you there. Thanks.
– Purna


hey guys, are you still out of commission? any idea of how someone could contact seller without actually going thru the system? i.e. someone from your oc office calling them directly for me? just wondering and hoping. thanks again.


Craig! You have much bigger problem: there are a lot of ads on Craigslist that don't go live, don't show up in the listings.
If you go to the forums (for example,,
you can see HUNDREDS of the messages from the users that can't see their ads go live. One guy on the forum has a good explanation. He says: "The basic problem of posting not showing started several weeks ago. Apparently many of the ads that are posted can be view directly when entering the link, but are not indexed, so they will never appear in the listings and cannot be searched using keywords. I believe the problem is simply a software indexing issue with CL"
Are you aware of the problem? I contacted your tech support 5 times, and never got any answer. I'm sure, thousands other users
did the same without any results. You think that the recent outage hurt your business? Believe me, ads not showing up hurt your business 1,000,000 times more, but your tech support doesn't give a rat's ass about it!

Scott Story

Ads are consistently not showing? I have tried deleting and un-deleting. Posting through my account and logged off no joy! They show using the url but are not indexed. Anyone have a solution?


What Advam said. Is anyone, anywhere working on this problem? I have never had a problem in six years of using Craigslist for casual buying and selling, but all of the sudden I can't get ads to show up. They are the most non-spammish ads possible.


P.S. – I am in Portland. Please stop asking if you should charge for job ads and go ahead and do so. Then perhaps you can hire more technicians to properly handle the millions upon millions of postings the Craigslist sites generate. The people of this metro area who use Craigslist badly need the spam cleared out of that section, too.
RESPONSE: Allison, our system isn't perfect, but we're finding that such ads almost do have spammish elements or have other problems. Email me, and I'm also emailing you separately.

Minesh Shareef

Craigslist is worst. All our efforts are going Unproductive. We keep on placing our ads, but the search feature they are using is the worst ever I have seen. Why they are running their business?

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