I'm 5'7"

I'm 5'7"


From the Cosmopolitan, via the NY Times:

Cosmopolitan, citing an unnamed online dating study, said that women would “relax their standards of how tall they want their mate to be” if the man earned enough money.

How much?

A man who is 5-foot-6 would need to make $175,000 more a year to be considered as desirable as a man who is 6 feet tall.




This reminds me of what some women say to me: "there are a lot of short women." In other words, if you're 5'7" like me, you have better odds with a slightly short woman. The unstated part, of course, is that they are assuming no woman likes shorter men. At least they have some tact.


And some women wonder why so many men on C.L are gay…

Davi Ottenheimer

Is that $175K more in NY and SF terms, or Wyoming?
Seems to me that it's easy to quantify earnings, but women would also probably lower standards for a short funny guy. How funny is funny enough, though? Same thing for principled and visionary men, etc..
Also wonder if the study was done with any diversity in the sample or did it focus on a particular group (e.g. urban) only?
I was walking through a giant urban airport the other day when I saw a woman wearing a tight fitting t-shirt that said something like "No car, no cash? GO AWAY!"
I felt compelled to buy the latest hotwheels model and give it to her with the change.


Being short really doesn't matter. The kind of woman that would say she would date a guy for 175,000 dollars is the same kind that divorces you for half your shit, despite height. I'm 5'6" tall, I'm married to a wonderful woman. Cosmopolitan specializes in exploiting peoples insecurities. Now short guys can kind of relate with how alot of females feel 99% of the time from these magazines.


Women judge men about their height.
Is this news?
Men judge women about their weight!
…Harshly, I might add.
But that's just par for the course.


That explains why Bernie Ecclestone (the billionaire Formula 1 boss) has a six foot ex-model for a wife.
It also explains why the multi-millionaire pug ugly golfers have identikit pretty wives too. At the Rider Cup, all of the wives look exactly the same. And there was me thinking that it must be because golf instills a really nice personality or something. :)


Someone my own age, nerdy,socially and environmentally conscious, successful but not greedy..what's not to like?
Of course the fact that I'm 5'3" helps. But what I'd like to see is the complementary stat: that the more money or status a man has, the younger the women he dates!


How much does a 6-foot-tall woman have to earn to have a shorter man date her? Prejudice can go both ways.


I don't know if a shorter man dating a taller woman (at least in my case) is an issue. You could make minimum wage. Unlike what women want from me (money, security, etc, etc), I don't expect much. Then again, I'm 5 foot 7, single, and for some unknown reason, Match terminated my account…so sometimes, it's just easier to be single. Who has ever heard of a shorter guy only wanting to date a 6 foot tall woman who makes a certain amount of money? I thought for women to be interested in a guy, the guy would have to own a shirt (and the car, which I don't) that reads "I own a 760Li". Car aside, women on Craigslist (Sac) and other online dating sites are either flippers (date one guy, find something wrong, go back online, find another guy, etc) or just have plain ol' unrealistic expectations. The whole "send a pic" without posting one. What's with that? So to all the guys reading this – do you really think that a shorter guy would really need a taller woman to make a certain amount of money, just to date them?

Tanya (aka NetChick)

Holy, what a load of crap! I disagree, and I know many of my single girlfriends would too. I'm single because I haven't found the right guy, yet. But, that right guy could be an inch shorter than me (I'm 5'7") and it wouldn't even phase me if he was cool, sweet, thoughtful, and confident. In fact, the real men out there — the ones that are a catch — have all been shorter, in my experience. It's just too bad my friends snagged them first!
😉 Thanks for posting this though… Made me laugh at the few shallow women who seem to 'know it all'. It wouldn't matter what the guy looked like to those… They're only after his money, anyhow!

Jon Doe

Why do women have to be so mean about this shit and we can't say shit about them?fuckin double standards!I really don't care if a woman is a little overweight or a little taller than me (I try being realistic)if a girl is to overweight and can't move than I can't consider her attractive,but a little meat on your bones looks good on a woman.Taller chicks I've never had a problem with since I have female family members taller than me since I'm only 5'4.Yes dating is hard for me but I get by and if some woman ever goes up to me and says some shit like "you're so tiny" I'll just call her a shallow bitch and get the fuck outta there.


hey there .. i am a 5'7 and many many maaaaaaaany girls hitting on me .. not just that , my girl friend is 6'1 , not only that .. we have been together for like 9 years now .. its not the money or the stature .. its just what you are all about , the inner confidence in ur self .. whether ur short or tall,rich or poor.. there are many short guys out there .. tom cruise,mel gibson,napelyon ..so please .. be confident in ur self and trust me .. short guys are a real badass .. ciao


i'm a guy and im 5'7
this article just flushed my self-esteem down the toilet..


Thats bull shit media hype. Most of my heros are close to my height 5'8. Women are usually weak minded and suggestable to this crap, the reason they read stupid magazines like cosmo. so the shit can tell them what they should think and look like, truth is my cock wouldn't get hard for any of those skinny tall shallow freaks. Notice the difference between chicks in cosmo and the ones that get guys hard in playboy, penthouse, etc.? cus theres HUGE difference.
A few inches of bone doesn't mean shit, i get laid plenty by hot girls, dont let anything like this get you down. Just be confident, and stay real, live your life with no worries.
Trying not to make this too long but i have an example of two buddies that prove this shit wrong, one is about 6'3 with a fugly ass wife and lame job, sits around drinking all the time feeling sorry for himself, then i have another buddy i really look up to, hes about 5'4-5 has a great job, always happy, hot wife, and tears it up on a dirtbike better than anybody i know. Life is your perception, and you reflect that. Feel like shit, your life will be shit. Dont be one of those people that sit around wondering why does this have to happen to me.


Whether you're 5'6" or 6'0" if she's only dating because you make $175,000 she's clearly a goldigger


Many women are shallow and think they need "the perfect man" in order to be happy with themselves. The problem is, nothing makes women like that happy. Nothing!
Glad I'm gay and have never had to deal with this kind of crap. I'm 5'6" and very happy with my height and have totally enjoyed all the men in my past and present who are totally hot, short and sexy. I hope more women keep rejecting them so there's more for us to pick from!
Screw Cosmo, it's just a rag for promoting ads with plastic women donning fake hair, fake boobs and make-up. Sickening.


Go to my country then, the Netherlands, the tallest men in the world :D.
I think it's bullshit, if you choose a guy only by his height then you're pretty pathetic.
Guys don't listen to bullshit articles like that, written by a few uneducated bored housewives :D.
People will always try to analyze love, but they can't. What about personality, face, other qualities? In this article, everything is brought down to one characteristic; height.
C'mon guys, don't let that woman turn you into a piece of meat like that, you're worth more than that!
I see "my selfesteem is flushed through the toilet" and"why?"
Because she's a lying woman, that's why. Don't listen to her.

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