Not funny!

Not funny!


Joke Comprehension May Decrease With Age:

It's no laughing matter: a new study suggests older adults have a harder time getting jokes as they age. The research indicates that because older adults may have greater difficulty with cognitive flexibility, abstract reasoning and short-term memory, they also have greater difficulty with tests of humor comprehension.




Dad: Son, what is the difference between a penis and a loaf of bread?
Son: I don't know.
Dad: Remind me to never send you to the store for a loaf of bread.

Sherry Steb Whidden

Hi ya Craig….so here I am in Tampa Fla..Trying to purchase a new home…working with a realtor…."well ya know Sherry you should check on Craig's List..they keep a list" strike AGAIN….Morristown HS forever..Now re jokes: working with Alzheimers pts for…uh let me think..gulp…30 years…I have found the "slap stick" humor is lost to them….there is an upside…their ability to appreciate music remains..and in some cases improves.
My best to you
keep in touch
Sherry Steb Whidden

jack barry

I would love to collect "Realtor Jokes". I am one. Realtors, contrary to popular belief, know a good joke when they see one
In Maine, now, there is a Petition circulating, that would have Maine create a "Maine Open MLS" database, for sellers and buyers who want to save some of that 6% commission charge. Bunch of Commies!!! Lets all unite to preserve "Realtor Fees"….


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What is the problem with cl? Is it a server problem or what? You should at least make a statement!


I'm not that old yet..but are older folks supposed to laugh at penis jokes? Even when I was younger than I am now..perhaps my sense of humour was awful..because even then, I did not laugh at penis jokes. Perhaps I am already stricken with Alheimers and simply haven't noticed yet!
My grandparents still laugh at funny things.. puppies playing.. squirrels, dolphins playing by their boat, grandchildrens laughter, politicians, etc. But I notice, they never laugh at others misfortunes, ribald jokes, mean things, nor jokes which harm the feelings of others. They laugh frequently and grasp all offered puns and are ready to return the fire!
Yes, they are old and wise. I have enjoyed loving and knowing them for decades now and they still cause raucous laughter during visits and parties. I can only hope that as my life goes on, that my family loves me and finds as much pleasure communicating with me as I have with my grandparents.


I'm sorry to do this but I am looking to talk to someone instead of being ignored like the majority struggle on cl help forum right now. If you have the chance. Go look at it as see that I am not crazy. Post are not posting for some weeks now. Is it a server problem. Will it be fixed?
UPDATE: Gina, PLEASE read your mail.
Also, I'm not 24×7, and while we respond fast, it's not always immediate.


What's funny about some of these comments is that those people who make fun of older people will one day (real quick) become one of them. One day you will wake up and say "where did the time go"?

Steve The Painter

Man I have to disagree. We have a 26 year old student staying with us that is a WOW gamer big time. She is just not able to get the jokes. I am 44 the Wife is 51 and we just blow over the top of her head all the time. Her friends too. Maybe it the whole gaming thing, makes her antisocial. or maybe she was anti social and thats why she is a gamer. Kids do not get the good ones anymore. not even the easy ones.

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