Okay, I was on Charlie Rose last night…

Okay, I was on Charlie Rose last night…


People are asking, so the thing is [link removed, out of date] on google video, and I'll update with on his site directly.

UPDATE: early version had no audio, should be okay in moments, and available here on the Charlie site.




Watched you on Charlie Rose last night and was extremely impressed with your altruistic spirit in your gift of Craigslist to the community. So many of us who have used your services have found them invaluable,informative, and useful. Thank you for your wonderful service and for your being the spirit of "customer service" personified.


What is with Charlie Rose wanting to know how many shares you have? Stand by your values, Craig. It is a great service that is putting people in touch with each other all over the world. That is the bottom line.
Let me know if I can help your company.

Pavel Goberman

Mr. Newmark, bravo: fight not honest and corrupted media. It I'm doing now: http://www.getenergized.com/vote.html
But first: you are 54 and I'm sorry – you must take care yourself first or could develop many medical problems, including Prostate Cancer. Think about 40 years ahead. If you could be not good man – I will not tell you this. I could help you in health/fitness.
I'm 70, no medical problems, a lot of energy.
I'm fighting against bribery and corruption in government and in the media, and if you want to help me and this nation – make my web site http://www.getenergized.com/vote.html your favorite website.
You are right about Jon Stewart. How many of them?
Pavel Goberman – Candidate (D, but honest)for US Senator
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P.S. I'm speaking against corrupted politicians and media, and BlueOregon.org , owned by Portland Commissioner Leonard, does not allow me to plase my comment anymore. It is our "Freedom of Speech". I think you will not do it.


Craig….Stick by your guns. You haven't changed in a lifetime. Enjoyed your comments during the interview with Charlie Rose. I do have an excellent candidate for some of your philanthropy. Blessings…

Neo Tocqueville

I have no recommendations for a philanthrophy worth your money but I have a few questions/comments worth a few seconds perhaps.
How many Iraqi journalists have you heard from since the Iraq war began? Would an Iraqi who has lived the history, shares the values and the culture of the people of Iraq and has most invested in the welfare of that country not be an invaluable source of information for American people and the policy-makers? Are there no good journalists in Iraq? With all due respect to the Western journalists working there, there has to be ONE Iraqi journalist worth putting on air.
Right now, America is involved in a one-way communication with the world. The world, especially the part we find most difficult to understand, understands America very well because they watch our media outlets. But, we seem to want to have none of it. Everything we Americans get is filtered through the views of an American journalist, most of whom rarely leave the US.
If America wants to play a constructive role in the world, whehter it is through the tools of foreign policy or through philanthropy, she has to be involved in a two-way conversation. Only then would politicians, policy-makers, businessmen and even philanthropists be able to make a real and positive difference.
Sorry, it was more than a few seconds worth of reading.


Outstanding interview with Charlie Rose and very impressive the way you stood up for your values (and have been for all these years, actually).

Sean Breault

Thank you for that interview Craig it was really impressive. Charlie can be a real bore at times but I was really taken by the way you handled him. You're a great role model and I hope all your hard work pays off. Thanks for being such great human being.

Maria G. Gonzalez

That was a remarkable interview. You have my admiration and respect. Watching the program I was thinking that you are one of a kind person. I wish you were my boss, the politician, the banker, the lawyer, the corporate executive, the insurance underwriter, etc, etc, etc.


I wonder why…
I am mostly inspired by people who lived in a different era than me but for some reason you inspire me. Even though you're different than me, think differently then me, probably believe in different things you inspire the passion inside me to see things change for the better. I would like to think that the people who run this country have my best interest in mind, but history has shattered that dream. Maybe with a few more people like you, like me, a difference can be made. I like to think it’s not how big of a difference you make as long as you are at least trying to make one. That’s all the world really needs to be a better place just everyone in their own way making the world around themselves a better place to live.

Dr_Murray Morgan

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Please help me. I am a test that God has put in your way to show you who you really are. A man with a kind heart or …
Please forgive me for my straight-forwardedness/frankness. Often people in pain (who have experienced extreme injustice) take the liberty to talk frankly to power.
I heard you on Charlie Rose show and concluded that you might be somebody with conscience who might cares for others. Like somebody who hangs on everything that he/she finds on the surface of water to save him/her from drowining, at this most difficult time of my life, I am writing you in the hope that you might decide to help this wrong dedicated scientist of your country.
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I am Attaching few telling-picture of mine to familiarize myself and show that, with the highest level of education possible, I had been doing menial jobs (such as doing laundry of old women [with their dirty ubderware], mopping floors, dooing seasonal jobs at US Postal Service, doing clerical job for Census Bureau [Census 2000]), and all sorts of menial jobs to avoid becoming a public burden. I have used all my unemployment benefits [I am a US Citizen since May 12, 1992]. I am a happy person by nature. All these pains brought me closer to GOD. I am amazed (others have expressed it too for my still being able to smile and laugh) with my strength. I have not become alcoholic or suicidal.
Faculties at Universities have to publish certain number of scientific papers to fast-track getting promotions (from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor to Professor) that translates to higher salaries and prestige.
One day I received an e-mail from that dishonest faculty (that I was collaborating with) in which he was expressing satisfaction for a set of "good-looking-data" that he was pretending had received for a set of experiments (an immunological test — Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction [MLR]) that NEVER had been carried out. When I went to him and (with showing him documents [hand-written Rat-Use Log and other other evidence]) told him that such experiments had not been carried out at all he became upset. Seven months later, under the pretext of reorganization/lack-of-fund (proved tobe not have been the case), my position gets eliminated. When I checked my personnel file (copies are available) I found that the date of planing for the "re-organization" was just few days after I told that dishonest faculty of the fake/fabricate/made-up nature of those "good-looking-MLR data".
This is what the investigator told me, after I had shown him the undeniable documents that supported the fabricated nature of those good-looking data:
"Murray, I think that you had to go because Dr. Perez had found that, with you being in charge of his lab (because of your honesty), he would NOT be able to publish the number of [junk] papers that are required for getting promotions"
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All my life, I helped other people. Is there somebody who would help me now that I (a good person — I hope you are not one of those who hate good people) am in need of help.
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Making-up data for unperformed experiments, presenting it at scientific meetings, and worse, publishing them in scientific literature is illegal Scientific Misconduct.
""BILL MOYERS: Let me read you exactly what you quote Pete Hamill as saying in your book: "No democracy can survive if it is wormy with lies and evasions. That is why we must cherish those people who have the guts to speak the truth: mavericks, whistleblowers, disturbers of the public peace. And it's why in spite of my own continuing, though chastened, liberal faith, I miss Barry Goldwater more than ever." ""
A genuine review should be carried out of the cases [such as mine] where the ethical/courageous victims [of RETALIATION] have demonstrated (beyond any reson of doubt) that the "inquiry"-report (out of mock inquiry) is not written with good-faith; a genuine investigation that the victim/complaintant is entiltled to and has a RIGHT to it.
Re-creation of the events are not necessary because all that is needed (to convict Dr. Perez) is, already, documented.
I did my duty but nstead of being cherished for my opposition to grave illegal scientific misconduct, I was horribly punished for nobody else at UCD dare to emulate me. My life is ruined (lost my 15yr wife, became bankrupted). I am on the verge of homelessness. I need help from somebody who cares(somebody with heart — Kraig sounded to be one on Charlie Rose show –tears are sliping down my face).
I have helped people all my life without expecting anything in return. I, always, have done the RIGHT thing. I did NOT expect being punished for my scientific integrity and that in the United States Universities. Such barbaric treatment of an honest and ethical scientist and that at Universities (UCD)was unimmaginable. I expected to be cherished for my courage and scientific honesty.
Here is the story of the grave scientific misconduct:
1. the Rat-Use log (that shows no use/sacrifice of liposomally-treated rats on those claimed dates of Kupffer's Cells),
2. the supporting e-mails regarding the issue
3. the finding of, Dr. John Pascoe who, himself [stated in his lawyerly-dictated/written "report"] says that the laboratory [at Primate Center in which those supposedly-carried out MLR experiments had been pulsed/treated with radioiactive tagger] could NOT show him the correspondent record of the use of the radioactive tagger [NO recording/logging]. Every laboratory at Universities/at UCD had/has to keep detailed use-record of radioactive taggers such as radioactive Tritiated Thymidine.
I have to state right here that Dr. Pascoe was appointed to conduct [that mock/fake] "inqiry" only after administrative authorities of UCD had found in the Office of the Chancellor the 84-page documents [that I had faxed during evening hours] in which I had, in writing, informed them of the Research Misconduct and the RETALIATION for not keeping my mouth shut.
They had hoped that after their having had me gone through that ordeal of the (later-on dismissed) malicious week-end imprisonment (for a false-charg/made-up phone-call [to UCDPD]/charge), I would give up on my insistance on the pursuit of request for investigation into the matter.
After that Thursday-evening search after/looking-for me (at my house – – where I was not [I was working downtown as Census-2000 Clerk] that, nontheless, frightened and shocked my then 8 yrs old daughter and ex-wife) and after the susequent humiliating arrest of me (with a Warrant obtained as my being a CAGE CLEANER and not a DOCTOR that they know/knew I was) I, still, was strong enough to by faxing those 84-page documents (during evening hours)to demand investigation of the Scientific Misconduct that Dr. Perez had commited by
fabricating/making-up a set of data for never-performed/carried-out sets of [MLR] experiments that, they lie-ingly claim had been carried out by using (Kuppfers' Cells(KP) that [Dr. Perez claims] had been harvested from a sets of [liposomally treated])rats on certain specific dates. Whereas the avilable/submitted hand-written Rat-Use Log (not the made-up computer version one)does not, at all, support the claim of such liposomally-treated rats-use on those claimed harvest-dates.
Please, HELP me. Do I have to become a homeless because I acted on my conscience and spoke of such a sever illegal/dangerous scientific misconduct by Dr. Perez.
Please, find a recommendation letter (that because of my tactical temporary shutting-up/keeping-quiet), he wrote in my support. It is a Res Ipsa Loquitor document (a document that speaks very loudly for itself); on which he has written: " … and he has a TRUE passion for the pursuit of science"). I mean that because he had been aware of the phony/untruthfullness of the quality of his research [and because of his feeling of guilt for his letting-me-go so unfairly — read below], he, unconsciously, confesses the truth in that sentence (above-mentioned)of his letter; admiring and confessing the truth as to the truthfulness / genuinness of my interest in doing research/"pursuit of science" because deep down he knows how phony he is/how phony his interest in research is.
One faculty, (after I told him that Dr. Perez went on and published those fabricated data despite of my having had told him [with direct and indirect evidence — see below] that those LYPOSOMAL MLR experiments had never had been carried out), told me the severity of what he has done is compareable with the severity of raping an under-age little girl.
When the INSTITUTION out of [unlawful and illegitimate] conflict of interest provides Bull-Sheeting report for mock-ly conducted "inquiry/ies", a thourough unbiassed independent investigation is necessary to be carried out.
That mock inquiry-report done by Dr. John Pascoe, is in conflict with his own findings (read below) that because of unlawful/Rights-infringing politics and INSTITUTIONAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST has ignored the undeniable/indisputable/irrefutable (direct and indirect) evidential clues and facts that points (a conscientious fair and logical person/mind) to the fact that those MLR experiments had NEVER, been carried out [in the first place] to produce those [fabricated] sets of data(read below).
No data could have been produced because NO such MLR experiments had been carried out (see the Written rat-Use Log — that does not support use of rats on those claimed experiments-carrying-ou-dates)to result in those sets of[fabricated/made-up] data. So, logically, NO data had been produced to be INTERPRETed.
Faced with the beyond-reasonable-of-doubt evidence that CLEARLY points to the occurrence of Scientific Misconduct (because of intentionally makde-up/fabricated sets of data for sets of NEVER carried-out sets of MLR experiments), the oversight duty of ORI, necessitates conduct of a thorough investigation into the allegation, which, if gets carried out, would, for sure, relieve me of this feeling of extreme injustice and of my so long misery and desperation.
I did my duty to protect people from harm and scientific literature from contamination by fabricated data [that mislead literature-consulting scientists]. Instead I am punished severely and am made an example so that no body dares to do the same; safeguards for the integrity of research which is claimed to be the UCD's policy.
One can imagine the circumstance/disappointment/despair that a scientist, after having had spent huge amounts of money and endangered the subjects (animal or human) of his/her research, fails to produce literature-enriching/life-bettering NEW knowledge because of publication of fabricated data in the scientific literature by a dishonest unethical scientists (just to get promotion (from Assistant Professorship upward).
A Quote:
"Apparently Finkelstein simply did the unthinkable- he dared to set the truth in motion. And, in a time of universal deceit, as George Orwell said, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
(I am suffering because of my scientific integrity that NO one seems to GIVE a damn shit about it Mr. Chancellor/Mr. Drown, and Dr. Price. All you guys, do you have a conscience? How can you sleep when you know that, with you having had been in charge, such huge WRONG (and that in an academic institution [a University]) has been inflicted on this poor scientist of your country?
That rubber-stamp/less-than-nothing "investigator"/"Professor" of UCD, Dr John Pascoe, after having had seen the supporting documents (as to the occurrence of dada-fabrication), said:
"Murray, I think that you had to go because Dr. Perez had found that, with you being in charge of his lab (because of your honesty), he would NOT be able to publish the number of [junk] papers that are required for getting promotions"
Then, this less-than-nothing "faculty" goes and [with that Bull-Sheeting UCD-written report of his] supports/rubber-stamps what the lawyer[s] of the UCD Campus had asked him of; despite of the results of his own pseudo-investigation in which he founds that,
1. beside my [truthful] words/supporting e-mails
2.Rat-Use Log [that shows no such rat-use on those claimed dates],
3. NO radioactive tagger[Tritiated Thymidine]-use (at Primate Center for MLR experiment of Dr. Perez laboratory) had been recorded
4. In his so called "report" of his investigation, this less-than-nothing "faculty" states, though, that "I can NOT with absolute certainty say that data-fabrication has not occurred"
Some Quotes:
"… history of investigations is one of very shoddy work, investigations that looked like cover-ups, and tremendous denial on the part of the scientific community."
Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph: Haile Selassie
"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." – Albert Einstein
There is no week nor day nor hour when tyranny may not enter upon this country – if the people lose their confidence in themselves – and lose their roughness and spirit of defiance. – Walt Whitman
That Recommendation letter from Dr. Perez (see the actual one in the Attachment):
4301 X STREET, ROOM 2310
May 20, 1997
To Whom It May Concern:
This letter of reference is in support of Murray Morgan, D.V.M. who has been employed in My laboratory for approximately five years. At the time of his hiring I was a newly appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery. Murray was brought on to oversee establishing my laboratory and begin studies in transplantation immunology. He came to me with excellent qualifications to do this including a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, experience in cell culture and molecular biology techniques. Murray was able to organize the laboratory and independently develop several new models.
Our initial research focus involved a rodent heterotopic cardiac transplant model for studies in immunologic tolerance. Murray was able to acquire the necessary skills in microsurgical techniques to perform this transplantation procedure and subsequently has become an accomplished microvascular surgeon. He used these skills to pursue other transplant studies which required long-term cannulation of small vessels.
When the direction of our laboratory changed to focus more on cellular mechanisms, Murray independently developed the technique of nonparenchymal hepatic sinusoidal cell isolation. This labor intensive protocol involves in situ hepatic collagenase perfusion, differential density centrifugation, elutriation and long-term cell culture. To my knowledge, this technique is unique in the State and has become the foundation of our present laboratory effort.
Murray is seemingly tireless and one of the hardest workers that I have ever come across. His integrity is beyond question and he has a true passion for the pursuit of science.
I support his application and recommend him with much enthusiasm for consideration of your position.
Signed by Dr. Perez
Richard V. Perez, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Surgery
Co-Director, Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Program
RVP:pac "
• 1998 – Perez, R, Stevenson, F, Morgan, M., and others.
Sodium butyrate upregulates Kupffer cell PGE2 production and modulates immune function.
Journal of Surgical Research, 1998 (July), 78(1): 1- 6.
• 1998 – Perez, R., Erickson, K., Morgan, M., and others.
Selective targeting of Kupffer cells with liposomal butyrate augments portal venous transfusion-induced immunosuppression (CONTAINS THE PLAGERIZED DATA).
Transplantation, Vol. 65, May1998 issue, 10: 1294-1298 (and presented to the American Society of Transplant Surgeons, Chicago, IL, May 14-16, 1997).
• 1997 – Perez, R., Swanson, F., Morgan, M., and others.
Portal venous transfusion upregulates kupffer cell activity: A mechanism of immunosuppression in organ transplantation.
Transplantation, Vol. 64, July 1997 issue, (1): 135-139.
• 1996 – Perez, R., Morgan, M., Swanson, F., and others.
Portal venous transfusion alters kupffer cell arachidonic acid metabolism: A proposed mechanism of enhancing immunosuppression in solid organ transplantation.
Cells of the Hepatic Sinusoid, Vol. 6, September 1996, Bordeaux, France.
• 1995 – Basadonna, B., Chao, C., Morgan, M., and others.
Effect of warm ischemia on insulin secretion in non-heart beating donors.
Transplantation Proceedings, 27: 2793-2794.
• 1995 – Swanson, C., Morgan, M., Hubbard, N., and others.
Portal venous transfusion upregulates kupffer cell cyclooxygenase: A mechanism of immunosuppression in organ Transplantation.
Published in the Proceedings of the Association for Academic Surgery, Deerborn, Michigan, November 8-11, 1995 (and presented at their conference).
• 1994 – Perez, R., Morgan, M., Baker, D., and others.
Immunomodulation of portal venous transfusion induced immunosuppression.
The FASEB Journal, Experimental Biology, 94, April 24-28, 1994 (Abstract #A2821).
I did my duty but instead of being cherished for my opposition to grave illegal scientific misconduct, I was horribly punished for nobody else at UCD dare to emulate me. My life is ruined (lost my 15yr wife, became bankrupted). I am on the verge of homelessness. I need help from somebody who cares(somebody with heart)
Please help me Mr. Mr. Craig Newmark.
Sincerely and with due respect,
Dr. Murray M. Morgan
(530) 753-9715 — call screening


What's up with the main site? Any updates? Very curious. It's big news when a major site is off line for so long. So… how's about some news? 😉

Debby Abel

I very much enjoyed seeing you on Charlie Rose. It was wonderful to see you focus on the important topics like works of tikkun olam and effective journalism, despite his obsession with personal worth expresed in dollars.


I found it intriguing even brave, that you talked about how the pressure for profit is affecting the quality of the news. I remember the news even in my mid-20s, just about a decade ago, being more about covering stories than chasing the dollar. Now it's intolerable to watch.
And you're most definitely my hero for taking the focus off your personal monetary wealth, (or lack thereof) and putting the focus on what's good, and what's happening in the world of the good. Definitely an inspiration to me, today and every day.


What Jon Stewart interview did you refer to during your interview with Charlie Rose? Good interview by the way! Your views never surprise me but always impress me.


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