Progress with Congressional ethics reform

Progress with Congressional ethics reform


I just got a small update regarding the current bill, from the folks at Sunlight Foundation. Sunlight, of which I'm a microscopic part, was one of a bunch of reform groups helping out.

Looks like some genuine progress was made, but much more needs to be done.

Congressmen need to disclose "bundled" contributions, where they collect a lot of contributions which together, make up real money.

Earmark requests need to be disclosed, though possibly this provision needs work.

Secret holds can remain secret, allowing Senate Majority Leader McConnell to continue covering up misdeeds, possibly protecting Senator Ted ("bridge to nowhere") Stevens.

More to come, and for the wonkish among you, SourceWatch has more.




Always impressed with the development of the Sunlight Foundation. I hope we can do something in my country of Japan too!

Thoughts on Sunlight Foundation : voice and power to the people

Our company, Howdys, Inc., stands for "going local" and "voice and power to the people." I have been doing massive research on how we can achieve the goal. There are a few things that caught my attention in the U.S.,

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