That's a big brown bear outside my window!

UPDATE: I'm not in San Francisco right now, where a "bear" isn't what frightens Mr Colbert, I'm in Colorado for a very brief trip.


Heidi, seeing the bear was fun, I'm very fond of nature, when it makes itself convenient. I was mostly wishing I had a good camera with me then. Right now, right outside my office window there's a flock of house finches.

Brenda, please email me a posting id or link to your ad,, and I'll check it out.

Alek, I was in Aspen all right, my room was not too far from the trash bins. I was maybe twenty feet from the vicious man-eater.




Bear-human contact has again been in our local news … too many of 'em are attracted by garbage/food/etc. in the mountain towns and several unfortunately have had to be put down. Any chance you were staying in Aspen?
BTW, in case you are into wildlife and wolves in particular, there is a wolf sanctuary near Walsenburg, Colorado you can check out next time you visit our state.
My wife, kids, and I visited there last month as part of a family road trip – you get (really!) close to wolves – pictures and detail at
And hopefully, you didn't get as close to the bear as we got to the wolves! 😉


We get bears all the time up here in Montana – try not to worry about it too much. They don't enjoy running into you either! :)


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