"The Argument" by Matt Bai

"The Argument" by Matt Bai


These days I'm trying to learn more about the political process, since at CL we need help dealing with crooks at low and high levels. I'm pretty naive about this stuff, so I picked up Matt Bai's "The Argument", which is about the way people are using the 'net to effect political change.

A lot's going on via the 'net, this is really big, and Matt's book provides a lot in the clue department. We're in a period where bloggers change things, kinda like Tom Paine, John Locke, and Martin Luther in the past.

Matt shows how modern day bloggers are moving ahead the process.

Anyway, I really recommend Matt's book, find it here

Note to Wendy: I'll get the book to you tomorrow at Reverie.

Note to self: apparently, the big guys, Markos, Glenn Reynolds, and Matt Drudge have a lot in common besides big change… they're libertarians of different flavors… like me. I gotta get a good label for whatever I am.




In America, most people are "libertarians" in one way or other, and it's a meaningless label.
Two well known comedians, Dennis Miller and Bill Maher, were both "libertarians," but this War on Terrorism has split them into opposite camps.
If two people claiming to be part of the same fringe political tendency are polarized to different ends of the political spectrum when a crisis occurs, you have to question if the label of "libertarian" has any real meaning.


I wish there was something equivalent to "ARTS and Letters Daily", that would be a daily compendium of blogging activity, divisible by geography, or topic, etc..
I am an SF based guy, and am most interested in what comes out of here.
My "sine qua non" site is George Lakoff's.
jack barry

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