Campaign contributions for Colbert candidacy

Campaign contributions for Colbert candidacy


Hey, I'm very excited about the presidential run of Stephen Colbert, and I've already contributed to the campaign via

"From Clucking Like Chickens to Soaring Like Eagles"

This project comes from a 3rd grade teacher at a technology-focused school in rural Chester, South Carolina. There are many such projects on the page we've dedicated to Stephen Colbert's presidential candidacy:

I encourage you to do the same!



Sgt Rock

Hey, Cold Beer! When yer elected (or appointed) president, how's about you making me yer Secretary of Defense, huh? I can teach everybody how to dig dandy foxholes!


Ok, so here is how we get Colbert in office if he is only running in South Carolina. We get everyone in south carolina to vote for Stephen, and encourage everyone else around the country to not vote at all. that way it is possible for him to have a majourity of votes. :)


Stephen needs a running mate and I think the obvious choice has to be papa bear bill o'rielly


wish you all the best in the election.
how many times may i vote…i mean surely you've befriended the bush clan and others by now?

Lois Demlong

Colbert….. My husband beat you to the punch. He decided to throw his hat into the presidental ring three months ago, by placing his intention on our telephone answering machine! But no one has given him any attention or for that matter money!
His campaign platform is "Reduction of Gobal Warming". He thinks he can reduce gobal warming by two degrees, if he could get all the politicians to quit talking.
If you are interested in having a VP, he's ready to move to South Carolina from Prescott, Arizona (Me to).
His message changes with the lastest political situation.

Tom Zebrowski

get your ass on the ballot! i'm ready to vote for you! i'm 53, past president of key largo, volunteer, fire rescue, nra endowment member, uspsa/ipsc certified chief range officer, rvia/rvda certified master technician and registered indipendant voter. as far as i'm concerned, both the republican and democratic parties are full of shit. their candidates are lying fucks. the difference is that they lie to us and want us to believe it. you don't. so, you are truthfull in your lies. that means you got my vote. if there was ever a year for a major upset in u.s. politics, this is it. you can do it if, you do your job.
waiting to vote for you…rotz-a-ruck…………

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