Comments regarding Barack Obama

Comments regarding Barack Obama


I spent a while talking with Lisa Madigan, a really smart lawyer from Chicago.

Turns out, she's worked a lot with Barack, and saw a lot of him working with people to make things happen. His work changed the way Republicans and Democrats worked together in the Illinois Senate, much for the better. She cites his considerable expertise and leadership, for real. He gets stuff done.



Elinor Walker

I just got an email that showed a photo of the Senator with his hands clasped in front of him, as Gov. Richardson and Sen. Clinton stood alongside, each with hand over heart. The sender remarked as follows:
"a picture is definitely worth 1000 words! God save us!!!
Senator Barack Obama, Governor Bill Richardson, Senator Hillary Clinton and Ruth Harkin stand during the national anthem.
……the article said he REFUSED TO NOT ONLY PUT HIS HAND ON HIS HEART DURING THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, BUT REFUSED TO SAY THE PLEDGE… in the world can a man like this expect to be our next Commander-in-Chief???? "
I must say I, too, find Senator Obama's conduct to be troubling and ill-considered.

Donna Hankamer

how in the world can the people in this Country VOTE for B.O., he has made it very clear how he feels about this Nation by his refusing to say and pay contribut to allegiance and now he is wanting to change the Presidential Seal and he removed the SHIELD in front of the eagel's breast-wanting to not to defend and protection the constitution of this Country.

Rodney Melton

iewing your Comment
I am making a blog to Obama, and hoping that he gets it off on the right foot. And stop taking it personal, because Hillary had to inevitably make up her role play in Debating against him in the Primaries. It is audible, if she had no role play, she would get disqualified,wouldn't she? for being possum. And I am sure, nobody would show any interest in somebody like that, who's virtual reactions relies upon being possum.
You have to say something, whether you like it or not.Eventhough it may break your heart.
When you're debating against each other, you can't say nice things about each other. You are suppose to say mean things. That is how you achieve your goal. Otherwise, thats like giving up, and saying their ownself is no good, see what I'm saying? And giving all the credit to the opposite. Thats not how you debate. You have to say adverse things about each other. Eventhough she didn't mean it?
But one thing for sure, Hillary is trying to help us win this Election. And not fliver to an bunch of money hungry Republicans, who will do anything to win re-election. They went into the Primaries, perpetrated as Democrats and voted all of the Whites out of the Democratic Primaries. In other words, getting rid of the threat, that they felt was up against them for the General Election. You call that fair. Thats cheating. They don't know what they want to do. One minute, you have to remain your present status in the Primaries, until the General Election is over. The next minute, they let you revert back and forth, as many times as you want, at anytime. In the 70's that use to be called Forgery. Let Secret Service doing that in the 70's, and they would automatically issue an Warrant for their arrest.But now, it doesn't mean anything. That means, they can go into the Primaries, vote all the people out that they don't like, or feel is a threat against their Republican Candidate. Being that they have already lost the House and the Senate. And they know the Whitehouse is next. That is why I am saying you better be alert. Cause them Republicans are trying to play you. And if you don't play them at their own game. They will defeat you. And when you fall, you won't be able to get back up.
The stakes are very high. And at the last minute, you find yourself lagging votes, you're gonna be in the dumps, for real. And, to avoid this, we need Hillary. So please include her.
I hate the Bush Admins. He ain't no regular Repuhlican. He's not the type of Republican who helps people in the Free Market Enterprise, without taking from them also.Instead of, helping them set their goal and standards, in going in business for themselves. He puts money into the pockets of about 400 Billionaires, who became that off the Iraq War. And watch them, only few people, get filthy rich. What are they going to do take that money into the next life with them, when they come back as a kangaroo in the Jungle. They're going to have bad luck because of that. Trust me.
The Bush Admins. is so dumb, they don't even know anything about the Economy. All they know is how to take from everybody.And watch everybody suffer poverty and foreclosures.Even rich people like Ed McMahon, who's loosing his home. That ain't fair.
I can't stand another term of this. If we let them get away with it this year, it will happen over an over and over again. For decades perhaps. We must stop them in 2008. And not have them bully us Democrats for another Presidentil Election, like they have been always been doing.
Hillary know how to beat them swampdogs.And what she is trying to say, is that them Republicans are trying to take advantage of you, for the fact that, you are Black, and much more suitable for them to win against, than if you were another Whiteman.You know what I mean? They know they ain't got nothing coming against another White Person.Thats White on White Racism. And I don't care which way you put it. That is exactly what it is. And I hate them for it. But I want a Democratic President more than anything in the World. And I am trying to set you up with the right elements. And not faze out another would-be win, with the prices of everything constantly going up, merchandise, gas, etc. We can't deal with this anymore. And I want you to win this Election w/ the help of Hillary. Otherwise, it will turn out just the way them Republicans thought it would. We can't go out like that. We need to win this General Election. We need the very best, and it will work with Hillary.
I heard you say, you are taking a little time, because you are distraught for some of the things that she said about you, as far as being inexperienced and un-qualified. Thats all a part of disputes. Thats how you have to apply yourself when debating against each other. Even if you have to make up things. Thats all a part of disputes.
And we need Hillary cause she knows how to check every move.
Or you'll end up getting somebody who is going to get choked up for words,not really knowing what to say. And this Election will automatically go amiss, right straight to the dogs. And we absolutely, don't want to see that happen. So choose Hillary, so that we can get all her votes.
Otherwise, this Bush spell, will probably go on for decades, and we definetely don't want to see that happen.

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