Some reasons I support Barack Obama

Some reasons I support Barack Obama


Larry Lessig explains his position much better on his blog, but here are my reasons for supporting Barack:

  • He has the right experience to get stuff done.
  • He's serious about terrorism, crime, and corruption.
  • He represents what makes America the "shining city on the hill", a return to American values.

Maybe the last point is the most valuable. I'm not a big believer in exceptionalism, but in the US, we're supposed to be the good guys. We need to live up to our own beliefs. We need to remind ourselves, and the world, of our values and turn that into action.

Oh, maybe one other reason for supporting Barack:

  • He's Oprah-tastic!

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    Right on.
    I love the idea of the world seeing a guy with a Muslim name, a white mother and African father at the helm. Leaving foreign policy out of it, it'll be that much harder to hate us, because so much of the hate is based on a notion of the 'other' consisting of simplistic stereotypes. Just from the site of him, this guy makes clear that the US isn't all oil men and cowboys.
    People make a big deal about the experience thing. But it's always the leaders with the least experience who make the biggest changes – from John Kennedy to Larry Page. And what's needed right now is major change. As Obama points out, he's got the right LIFE experience, having lived a significant portion of his life abroad and worked intimately on urban poverty issues domestically, excelling by the standards of the elites at the same time.
    Most importantly, the guy is clearly really SMART. He's got an attitude that mixes common sense with an appreciation for nuance. I just plain trust him.
    My one concern is that I'm not sure how he'll hold up to the swift-boating tactics that we're bound to see in the general election… Ah, that eternal question of electability – darn those Clintons and their electability! 😉


    Obama's stance on illegal immigration makes him absolutely unelectable, Craig.
    National polls show conclusively and repeatedly that over 70 percent of American voters are absolutely against providing the: amnesty, sanctuary cities, driver's licenses, and tax payer funded: public benefits, welfare and free college education for illegal immigrant line-jumpers that mindless "progressive" guilt pandering Senator Obama favors.
    Yet you persist with your support of a presidential candidate so so absolutely destructive in policy to America's poor.
    Cesar Chavez fought against illegal immigration until the day he died because of what he knew it did to our wage base and quality of life.
    The truth is that the billionaire class in Mexico uses illegal immigration as a pressure-escape valve to keep the social/political control that they have over Mexico.
    Those that posses the fortitude and determination to fight their way into our country are those most feared by the Mexican billionaire class. Were these illegal immigrants to stay home, they would be the most revolutionary Mexican citizens.
    The very best way to fight the wage devastation that illegal immigration delivers to America's poor is to back sanctions against US employers of illegal immigrants and NOT attack or jail the illegal immigrants, themselves.
    With enforced sanctions against US employers, illegal immigrants will return to Mexico and other countries of their own accord, without coercion.
    How Illegal Immigration Hurts the Poor
    Wages and Poverty
    Because immigration increases the supply of U.S. labor, it reduces wages or makes jobs more scarce for natives. Job competition between immigrants and natives is especially fierce at the bottom of the labor market, because so many immigrants are employed in the low-skilled/low-wage segments of the economy. When the average American wage exceeds the average Mexican wage by a factor of ten, even the most menial American job can be a forceful inducement to emigrate.
    The large number of immigrants with low levels of education means that immigration policy has dramatically increased the supply of workers with less than a high school degree. Although immigrants comprise about 12 percent of America's workforce, they account for 31 percent of high school dropouts in the workforce. This means that any effects on the wages or job opportunities of natives will disproportionately affect less-skilled workers. Immigrants are 60 percent more likely to be employed in low-skilled occupations than are native-born workers.
    As a consequence, poverty in the U.S. is increasingly being driven by immigration policy. Between 1979 and 1997, immigrant households increased their representation in the U.S. population by 68 percent, but over that same period their share of the total poor population increased 123 percent. And the gap between the immigrant and native poverty rates is widening – this gap tripled between 1979 and 1997.
    One of the factors that is thought to mitigate the consequences of immigrant poverty is entrepreneurship, with immigrant small businessmen supposedly recharging our nation's creative spirit. Unfortunately, research shows that while immigrants were once significantly more entrepreneurial than natives, that is no longer true.

    Laurie D. T. Mann

    I wish the Democratic candidate had the political experience of Hilary Clinton, the eloquence of Barack Obama and the passion of John Edwards.
    I'd really like to like Hilary, but it keeps looking like she's sold out to the insurance industry and has been doing some really stupid, Bush-like things (planting questioners in the audience).
    I think Barack Obama is running more for the experience and exposure than anything. It's possible he might be our first black president, but I don't think that'll happen in 2009.


    oprahtastic? why in the world would you want to be associated with an egomaniac/corporate symbol like her? whewww…

    carl bauer

    Can one man or woman really make a change in Washington ? He says all the right stuff and has the right smile and family, but can he make a difference or just talk about the hope or the dream of change ? Change starts in our cities and local government. Which party is that wants the power for change given to the states ? Where did the party go that stood up to end slavery ? Maybe we need a new party that doesn't stand for, or talk about change, but actually puts its resources and power to real influence and change………..bring on the American Party. Oprah for President !


    David, do you know anything about Senator Obama's position on illegal immigration and homeland security? After reading your rant, it does not appear that you do.
    Also, for those of you that think Hillary Clinton has the 'experience' what 'experience' are you talking about? Time as the wife of a President? If I'm the wife of a doctor, does that mean I'm fit to perform surgery? If you want the 'experienced' candidate I suggest you look to Joe Biden or Chris Dodd or Kucinich. All of whom have more elected experience than any of the 3 front-runners.
    Barack Obama has an impressive resume and will make a fine leader.
    Turn the page!


    "Turn the page!"
    Quickie, right?
    So…no one will see your complete lack of awareness about Senator Obama's record on immigration issues?
    In fact I do know a great deal about Senator Obama's position on Immigration. I've done the research.
    Backed extending welfare and Medicaid to immigrants. (Jul 1998)
    Voted YES on this summer's failed *amnesty-providing* comprehensive immigration reform bill. (Jun 2007)
    Voted NO on declaring English as the official language of the US government. (Jun 2007)
    Voted YES on allowing illegal aliens to participate in Social Security.
    It's right in the Congressional Record, Tyler.
    You do a very poor job of quickie dishonest spin.
    Better brush-up if you have any hope of further schmoozing, lying and manipulating your immigration-irresponsible candidate into office.

    William Sell

    Don't see a single reason to vote for yet another mushy, no position media darling like Mr Obama. Every problem this country has it a direct result of those "we" "elect" ignoring our Constitutional provisions.Only Ron Paul has the honesty, integrity and lack of obligations to those that steal our freedoms. He gets MY vote.

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