Factcheck.org and ABC 7 in San Francisco

Factcheck.org and ABC 7 in San Francisco


Factcheck.org is doing really important work that we don't see enough of in news reporting anywhere.

It's really cool to see a San Francisco-based TV station using 'em in a really smart way, for example, in Fact check: GOP debate in Florida

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney accused Rudy Giuliani of running a sanctuary city as mayor of New York.

Mitt Romney: "Absolutely called itself a sanctuary city."

And Giuliani denied it.

Rudy Giuliani: "New York City was not a sanctuary city."

Fact check: New York never did call itself a sanctuary city, but the non- partisan Library of Congress did, based on Giuliani's immigrant friendly policies.

In a TV ad, Romney has been talking tough on immigration.

"As governor I authorized the state police to enforce immigration laws," said Mitt Romney in a TV ad.

Fact check: That's misleading. Romney's authorization took effect when the governor had less than a month left in his last term.

And when he made the authorization he was already considering running for president and the new governor rescinded the arrangement as soon as he took office.

Brooks Jackson, who's the guy behind Factcheck, has this to say:

We love what they're doing and wish more TV stations took their First Amendment responsibilities as seriously as they do. They're part of a tend. Our research shows that more newspapers and TV stations are doing this kind of reporting than has been true so far. But citizens would be better off is a lot more did what Channel 7 is doing.