NY Times re Consumers Union: "Success Without Ads"

NY Times re Consumers Union: "Success Without Ads"


Great article on Consumers Union yesterday in the Times:

It makes no sense for publications to charge readers on the Web — at least, that’s the conventional wisdom. But conventional wisdom does not carry much weight at Consumer Reports, that detailed guide to buying everything from prescription drugs to pickup trucks.

None of it would work if it were not for the fact that “what they do is useful, practical, needed,” Mr. Brownridge said, and that the magazine “has credibility, an authoritative voice.”

Success without ads? A focus on the useful, if boring?

Also, they're involved in a genuinely heroic effort to expose front groups like swiftboaters.

Sounds familiar to me; that's why I joined the board of Consumers Union to help out.



Diego Mendiburu

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