OneVoice countdown clock for Palestinian/Israeli peace starts today

OneVoice countdown clock for Palestinian/Israeli peace starts today


Hey, the folks at One Voice are part of a large movement of moderates on both sides, 650,000 or so, (secret update). Everyone is telling their leadership that it's time to make a deal.

Today, negotiators from both sides are sitting down to get it done, intending to have an agreement within a year.

There are people on both sides who want to keep fighting, so OneVoice has launched eleven countdown clocks on digital screens throughout Ramallah and Tel Aviv in support of the negotiations. They're asking for everyone to sign the mandate for a two state agreement and get the word out regarding the online version of the countdown clock, code here

People, this is the real deal.



Tom Geller

Craig, regardless of the cause (which in this case I support), the ticking clock is OBNOXIOUS. If there's a non-ticking version, could you put it up please? Otherwise I'll have to stop reading your blog for a while just to keep that damn thing from irritating me every time I load my RSS newsreader.

Mark Kraft

My problem with the whole idea of setting a one year deadline on a two-state deal on an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty is that it essentially tries to push a deal through during a period of time when the US does not and cannot act as a fair and impartial broker for a fair, just, and lasting peace.
By all means, lets have peace. But it should be a peace with honor for a unified, territorially undivided Palestinian state, based in accordance with the internationally accepted 1967 borders, rather than based on all the prior illegal landgrabs.
"Everybody has to move; run and grab as many hilltops as they can to enlarge the settlements, because everything we take now will stay ours. Everything we don't grab will go to them.” – Ariel Sharon
I cannot in good conscience give my blessing to a peace based upon such a wrongheaded ideology.
Ultimately, the peace should bring Hamas into the process, seeing that they were legitimately and democratically elected by the Palestinian people. Otherwise, we're just asking for a protracted, prolonged conflict and decades of resentment.

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