Helping out a women's shelter

Helping out a women's shelter


This is a big problem, and here's one take from a shelter that can use a hand:

HAVEN’s programs address the social ills of domestic violence and sexual assault, which are devastating to victims, their families and the community at-large.

In Michigan, a woman is killed every three days by a past or current partner. During the course of one year, domestic violence programs throughout Michigan received a combined total of more than 61,000 crisis calls from persons in or trying to leave a domestic violence situation. This equates to approximately 167 calls per day.

History: HAVEN was founded in 1975 as Oakland County’s first sexual assault counseling center. In 1977, HAVEN broadened its services to include domestic violence. HAVEN opened its shelter in 1979, and has continued to add innovative programs to meet the needs of survivors such as Advocacy, Intervention in Battering, and Supervised Parenting Time programs. In 2005, HAVEN moved into renovated shelter facilities to better serve our clients.

Mission and Goals: HAVEN’s mission is: To eliminate domestic violence and sexual assault through treatment and prevention services across Oakland County and surrounding communities.

Hey, one way to help out is to purchase their "We shall be heard" calendar.

Disclaimer: I was involved in fundraising for HAVEN about twenty years ago, no big deal.


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