My first telenovela, for

My first telenovela, for


Okay, it's a PSA for

They're about enfranchising Latinos. Voting rights for everyone is a fundamental American value.
I'm involved because I feel we should be fair to everyone, particularly people who don't have much of a voice.

I hope that Latinos become more engaged so that because historically, that's always been good for all America.

But anyway, here's Rosario Dawson on camera:


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Kevin Carmony

I noticed on the video on this site it says it only takes 15 minutes. Well, registering and voting only may take 15 minutes, but it takes more than that. Just voting doesn't do anyone any good, it needs to be an INFORMED vote.
In addition to spreading the word and providing good information and resources about registering and voting (I agree, a very good thing), just as much attention should be placed on good resources for people to learn about candidates and where they stand on issues.
Here is one such site:

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