"Valley Zen" on Zen and Silicon Valley values

"Valley Zen" on Zen and Silicon Valley values


Hey, Zen philosophy, even apart from Buddhism, influences a lot of people here, including myself.

Valley Zen is a blog written by Drue Kataoka, a master Sumi-e artist, and Bill Fenwick at Fenwick & West, a big law firm in the Valley.

Very recommend for folks interesting why we do things the way we do.



Drue Kataoka

Craig, thank you for all of your encouragement and belief in the Valley Zen blog.
San Franciscans know, one of the best places to be is “The Top of the Mark.”
This morning Valley Zen is honored to be at “The top of the cnewmark” blog. ☺
Bill Fenwick and I intend to focus Zen principles like:
Simplicity, clarity, harmony,
applied to technology.
We hope our future posts resonate with the Craigslist community.

Thomas Han

Hi Craig,
Glad to see that you also recommend ValleyZen. Drue has been putting out some very interesting blogs, including one which sparked a little discussion between Splunk and Paglo (both in same space). And then the latest one with video interview of Guy.
Thanks for sharing ValleyZen here as well.


I am a fan of Craigslist and have found it appealing over the years because of its understated quality. Very Zen. Really very Valley Zen! The information you need is there. No need for anything ornate or fancy to get in the way.

Craigslist Information

Craigslist definitely has issues with their database that needs war heroes to fix! i agree with Sebastian that postresql would be a more suitable fit for the mass amount of load that the database is experiencing!


Hoping you will put up the post about Grandma Gordon that the system thought might be spam.
It wasn't spam. Grandma Gordon is in her 80's, is in the Hawk Clan of the Seneca, and a Seneca Wisdomkeeper, and her broomstick revolution, sweeping out injustice and materialism, and getting back to nature and the natural ways of life. Not interesting? Well you need to read her words, not mine.
Please post the item, as it does relate to the Valley Zen, which also talks about making life simpler and going back to nature.

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