a new government transparency tool from Sunlight a new government transparency tool from Sunlight


Sunlight Foundation launches a new project today – They've developed a model bill for government transparency online so you can weigh in before the bill is even introduced into Congress. This is a pretty unique opportunity to tell them – and your elected reps — what you think transparent government should look like. It's open for public comment today.

The bill incorporates some pending pieces of legislation with some Sunlight drafted creative new requirements for Congressional transparency. Sunlight needs your help, so visit the site and tell them what you think of what they've done. You can comment on the entire bill or on specific sections.


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A post on the Longest Walk 2 website under the Forums tab is kind of scary.
Titled "A House of Cards" it talks about, U.S., Canada and Mexico having one currency like the Euro dollar and that this will eventually lead to a world wide government and a single worldwide currency or should say microchip. The microchips would be embedded into people that will control our lives (if the govt turns off our chip we will not be able to do business in the world), and more. As a precursor to that passports have some sort of chip in them now. And in a couple or few years there will be an ID card we must carry that has a strip with our information on it (kinda have that now with the CA Drivers License I thought).
If you have time, check it out
Takes a while to get to the nitty gritty, but it is an interesting tape.

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