The "Change Congress Project" with Larry Lessig, Sunlight Foundation, and Omidyar Network

The "Change Congress Project" with Larry Lessig, Sunlight Foundation, and Omidyar Network


… or, as Sunlight Foundation puts it: Mr. Lessig Comes to Washington

Hey, with this election year, and tools for Congressional accountability and transparency coming online, we got something big coming up. I really feel this is big history in the making.

Lawrence Lessig, Stanford University law professor and world-renowned expert in intellectual property, is announcing that he's going to invest a significant amount of his time and energy confronting the pervasive and corruptive influence of money in our democracy. You may have heard of the recent Draft Lessig movement that almost convinced him to run for Congress. He ultimately decided not to make the run, but he's not retreating from the fight.

Today, at a lecture here in Washington, sponsored by Sunlight and Omidyar Network, he's launching the ChangeCongress project where he'll focus his academic interests on the issue of the systemic corruption of American democracy. Lessig will outline his hopes for ChangeCongress and how it will help citizens reclaim their democracy from the culture of corruption.

Lessig will give his lecture at 1:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) today at the National Press Club. We are very proud that Lessig recently joined Sunlight's advisory board, where he's helping us stay on the vanguard of using technology to promote a transparent and open government.

These guys are the real deal, I'm just a pretty face.

Check that link for the webcast and more.




Well I sent a suggestion to Harpo Studios/Oprah Winfrey that they do a show/shows about Grandma Edna Gordon and others. One of the topics was CORRUPTION in government. Grandma Gordon has lots to say about that, such as her BROOMSTICK revolution to sweep out injustice and I believe corruption as well. In that regard I thought you – Craig – as a member of the Sunlight Foundation that is fighting corruption and trying to give say back to the people would be a good candidate for a show on Corruption and/or someone from the Sunlight foundation. Learn about Grandma Gordon here About Grandma Gordon and Harvey Arden who helped her with her book Voice of the Hawk Elder — that discusses fighting corruption, getting away from materialism, and living more along with natures laws
Just wondering, you have been on about every show. Have you done the Oprah Show yet?


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