Anthony Batt: why it's called "craigslist"

Anthony Batt: why it's called "craigslist"


Anthony Batt: why it's "craigslist"
He's the guy who convinced me to call it craigslist, also cofounder of, music social net with millions of members.




Hello Craig,
Great to read about your Israel trip. The pictures are wonderful.
I met you the day before you left at the BullDog Media Relations conference and actually interviewed you for my company's blog. Well, the interview's been posted and I wanted to pass it over to you:
Enjoy and thank you so much again! One of the highlights of my life was meeting you and having the opportunity to interview you.


Instead of naming it Craigslist, you should have named it Craplist, because that's what it has turned into in my city (I used to live elsewhere, and CL was GREAT there). The flagging system is abused horrendously, and your staff refuses to return emails or address forum issues from me and the dozens of other women that can no longer post ads because the men flag them off in the space of hours (or less!) of being posted. Great idea, incredibly poor execution, even worse customer service. I suggest adding a paid section that can be monitored by real people for the real people that actually want a site they can use.


I remember visiting SF with abatt in '01 and getting a craigslist pocket protector from you! I had no idea what the list was then, but abatt said you were a supergenius and I trusted him. Turns out he was right.

John Callender

Did you by any chance take that photo with your iPhone? I ask because it has that same gauzy glow that my iPhone's pictures now feature, which I'm thinking is due to some deterioration of the coating on the camera lens.
Just checking. Thanks.

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