Time 100 top influencers: vote for Obama, Stewart, Colbert

Time 100 top influencers: vote for Obama, Stewart, Colbert


Hey, you can vote on the Time site for the Time 100, top influencers in 2007.

I recommend the following highly:

I strongly encourage ignoring this guy

Others I recommend:

… and I'm sure I've left out some, but a list of 200 names makes my brain hurt.




I didn't mind you're list too much until I saw Nancy Pelosi on it. Or were you recommending her for public stoning? Just kidding on the stoning.


Time picked a puzzling "CON " on that influencer you recommend we ignore.
"CON: As more and more companies enter the online classified market, how much longer can Craigslist sustain its current economic model?"
Actually, CL's current economic model of charging ZERO (except for certain very limited areas) to the consumer is a "PRO" and strong barrier to entry for other players in the online classified market.
A better "CON" would have been what happens when CL emphasizes more personal/company profits over public service.
P.S. Not that there is anything wrong with making a buck IMHO! 😉


there were free classifieds i the 90's (classifieds2000 most famous? yahoo had classifieds, too) but they lacked flagging, and got filled w/cr@p, as do many current classifieds sites. i don't recall if those sites had sidebar/banner ads. i don't know how many current adsites have sidebar type ads, etc, since i don't normally visit those ad sites plus most of that gets blocked :-)

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