At Case Western Reserve for commencement

At Case Western Reserve for commencement


It's been around thirty two years since I graduated, lots has changed, all very surreal.

Looking at graduating students, I'd say they're getting admitted at fourteen. Youth is wasted on the young.

(Insert "get off my lawn" reference here.)

I feel a certain sadness and nostalgia, particularly seeing the Hessler Street fair, which I kinda recall…




I'm glad you mentioned that you were blogging at commencement! I'm watching from commencement – and we all had a laugh at your blog comments.


Wished I could have been there. Reem & I take Alexandra to the Cleveland Children's Museum which is right across the street from Case whenever we visit the my parental units, so I get to muse about my days at CWRU… I am old…


Hey Craig,
I graduated in January and moved out to the Bay Area for a programming job. I came back this weekend for Commencement and enjoyed your speech. I'm guessing your schedule is super busy, but if you could spare a half hour or something I'd really enjoy to meeting up with you in the city for coffee or something.


Hi Craig, I enjoyed seeing you speak at my graduation. I'm moving to san francisco in July for grad school at UCSF. Luckily there's craigslist to help me find an apartment 😛 (btw, one of my classmates a few seats down, 1st row middle left, actually did matriculate at 14…)


UPDATE: I'll ask Ronald why he thinks that, since I don't feel I did… and I've gotten lots of feedback, no one else thinks this.
That speech was pretty disrespectful. Commencement is not a time for campaigning for Obama – keep it to yourself.


Great speech. Was part of the platform party. Glad you enjoyed your time at CWRU.
Your comments were relevant for grads and old(er) alums.
Hope it's not another 30+ years between visits to campus!


Am writing rather late, but wanted to express appreciation for your remarks at Case. Was honored to be on the platform with you. For my 18th birthday I asked my parents for a slide rule with a carrying case. Girls didn't wear pocket protectors and that was the best I could do. Now I do Hawaiian chants, still love my inner nerd and am inspired by persons named Craig.

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