New GI bill passed by House

New GI bill passed by House


Hey, it's time to really support troops, and the new GI bill is about providing serious educational benefits for them.

Here's the update:

This afternoon, the House of Representatives made history. By an overwhelming margin, lawmakers passed the landmark new GI Bill which will make college affordable to the more than 1.6 million Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

As President Roosevelt said when he signed the original GI Bill for veterans of World War II:"[The GI Bill] gives emphatic notice to the men and women in our armed forces that the American people do not intend to let them down."

Remember, Obama's for this, McCain against.




From Craig: I've done the research, this guy's running a scam, according to veterans.
Note the dishonest use of "socialist."
Says craig, "Remember, Obama's for this, McCain against"…don't be deceptive…mccain wants compromise on it because of the too high cost & class warfare, draconian measures…your democrat party is just using it as a weapon against mccain…sure obama's for it – he's a socialist…btw, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) doesn't like it the way it is either.


looks like guys like me get nothing.
i served in the war to liberate Kuwait, got a medal for the first battle of Mogadishu, and some other things but since i was discharged before 9/11 I'm not covered.
i didn't use my GI Bill when i got out because it didn't pay for anything so i got a job and got on with my life. now i have the time to go to school and by GI Bill benefits have expired(it's been 11 years since i got my dd-214)
i guess those of us who enlisted before 9/11, well our service is worth less.


I need to response to this Austin character. Your service prior to 9/11 is not worthless. Quit being a martyr. I enlisted in October of 1990 and can honestly say my service to this country is not and was not a waste. You are what gives us veterans a bad name. I have 6 combat deployments and more awards than I Know what to do with; so do not try the whole I don't know anything. You and You alone chose not to do anything with your benefits. That is and was YOUR choice. Do not blame any one else for your decisions. This is why we veterans get a bad rap. Some one screws up and then blames the Government, or whoever else is in the moment. Take responsibilities. You say it has been 11 years. I think that is plenty of time allowed for you to make a decision to go to school. Apparently you chose not to use it. Now I will agree it doesn't pay for the whole education but it did pay for a good amount of my education. If you are not lazy and you do the research that is required. As far as this New GI Bill, fantastic. The end state here is it is great that these guys are getting something out of this. DONT KNOCK THEM! If it is that big of a deal to you, get back in, the reserves, national guard, or if you can the active side of the house. Look we are a culture of change, so change. If the Vets finally get something well honestly it is a long time coming.


I apologize I wrote the wrong name. Not Austin, My response was to masked superstar

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