Regarding my talk at UC Berkeley

Regarding my talk at UC Berkeley


Hey, here's the only serious review I found, from someone who was listening.

I just hope the jokes were good enough.

One: I told my fellow human males that we're never as funny as we think we are.


Refusing to be hidebound by convention, Craig eschewed the safety of coming with a written speech and just talked from the cuff. While it might have been a bit rambling in parts, this crowd were willing to indulge him.

But the theme was constant. "Go out and change the world," he implored. A big ask for sure but nonetheless one that was in everybody's grasp to achieve he said.

Under searing heat on the stage of the Greek Theatre, Craig stressed that it was the boring stuff that was important and that this was the road to success for such a lauded goal.

"This is a big year in human history. We have an historic election this year coming up. If you want to do something big and boring then vote."

That simple.



Brent Lee

from Craig: Brent, the search isn't right to find that, but aside from that, we do help cops in a way they describe as "top notch". (NYPD Computer Crimes)
We've worked with them a lot, implemented what they said makes sense, and have helped send away a lot of bad guys.
If you have more suggestions, please send, and thanks!
"Go out and change the world," you say? OK, here's a start for you Craig…We are an RV dealer in Georgia…Just had $3000 worth of heavy duty catalytic converters stolen off motorhomes on our yard…Cops tell me craigslist is loaded with wanted ads to buy same…Googled "craigslist wanted catalytic converters" & came up with 9000 hits…Ask around, it's epidemic…What are you, as the good stewards of society you claim to be, going to do about it?
Brent Lee, CEO
RV Sales and Service, Inc.


I really can not understand why the Democrats have not been more clear in deciding on their candidate when it is so clear which stands for the future and which stands for the past. I am eagerly looking forward to the presidential vote now that it seems at last we know who the Democrat candidate will be.


Frpm Craig: what?
Craig…first, drop the " marks from the search string & you'll get the hits…there are still more ads than I can count that say things like "any quantity", "will meet you", etc…most of them are suspicious…I am certain some of them are cop sting ads; and, if that includes the obvious ones, maybe you could help them with their ad copy?…OK, my apologies for not giving credit when due – keep up the good work…BL


Sounds like these folks didn't read what you wrote. I liked "Craig stressed that it was the boring stuff that was important and that this was the road to success" to change the World.
The "boring stuff" can take many different forms, conventional and unconventional. In many respects that what some of the folks walking on the Longest Walk 2 are trying to do, to change the world by raising issues that are ignored in the mainstream media. Brenda Norrell, who is covering the North Route walkers, has a website called CENSORED NEWS, and it is amazing to me the vast array if issues covered in her blog that one never or rarely sees in the press.
So she and all those walking and those who are standing strong on these many issues are all doing their part to change the world, each in their own way. Quite a number of the stories include folks getting arrested for their convictions, long legal battles and more.
Brenda's blog is

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