The real GI Bill and the fake one

The real GI Bill and the fake one


Hey, folks like the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America are pushing a bill to get real educational benefits to the troops. Barack's behind this, and Bush/McCain's against.

The real bill, the "Webb/Hagel" bill, covers the cost of a four-year public school college education anywhere in the country.

It includes National Guardsmen and Reservists.

It's linked to the actual cost of college, which addresses inflation.

The fake bill is the "McCain/Graham/Burr" bill, doesn't address this big issues.

The real bill's supported by all the real veterans' service organizations, and by more than half the Senate and also the House.

There's a difference between saying one supports the troops, and actually doing it.


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does the "Webb/Hagel" bill remove the sunset date to use or lose your benefits?
RESPONSE: "The answer is no, you have 15 years."

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