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Chuck Smith

UPDATE: Chuck, you're right, I've already shared this sentiment with Paul from IAVA and will pass on your comment as well. /Craig
If the new gi bill gets passed I feel it will be leaving out some of middle level service members. People who served before 911 and after 911 like myself. I served 2 yrs 8 mths active duty in the 90's and have been in the air national guard ever since. At the end of my current enlistment I will have around 1 yr 6 mths active duty since 911. So my total active duty service will be 4 yrs and 2 mths with 13 total yrs of service in uniform. Yet, under the rules of what they are trying to pass I still will not be eligible for the maximum benefit because I don't have 3 yrs of active duty service since 911. I find this appalling. A person who just came in and served 3 yrs and then got out will get more than what I will after serving 4 yrs and 2 mths on active duty and 13 yrs of total service. I feel that is a smack in the face for the people like myself that will fall in this loop hole of the new gi bill. Is there anyone currently lobbying for people like myself. I am always for making service members benefits better, but I think a person that is still in after 13 yrs that still has more than 3 yrs accumulative military service should get at least the same as a newbie that joined just for the education benefit and did three years and then got out. I think we need to be careful who we reward the most.

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