shows unpleasant lobbyist results in Senate shows unpleasant lobbyist results in Senate


Hey,, funded by Sunlight Foundation, builds online tools to show where money goes in Congress and what they get. Here's a good case:

Yesterday the US Senate voted against the energy bill (S.3044 – Consumer-First Energy Act of 2008 ). According to Reuters, "the energy package would revoke $17 billion in tax breaks extended to big oil companies like Exxon Mobil Corp and slap a 25 percent windfall profits tax on firms that don't invest in new energy sources."'s research team revealed that oil producers gave an average of $134,821 to each of the 43 senators that voted no and an average of $37,373 to each of the 51 senators that voted yes.

Details are here.

This is why we need the political reforms pushed by Senator Obama, and opposed by Senator McCain.




Speaking of Things Washington:
How 'bout that Kucinich!!
His move to impeach Fuzznuts… is wonderful, and so was Gore Vidal's essay on that matter…
Now, if we could just give it some traction.


I am concerned that you think Obama stands for real reform. If you click on the link in your blog it clearly shows he chose not to vote on this bill, and that he is one of the biggest donor targets on the list as well. I am not hiding the fact I am Pro-Nader. I find it deceptive what Obama is doing, giving millions of people false hope. His voting history, on things like the 2005 energy bill which is one of the reasons energy companies have the profits they do reflect very poorly on him. Again, he did not vote on the bill in the link you posted, and voted for the 2005 energy bill. The message he sends to the public is very counter to his voting policies. I think he knows who holds power, and he has the capacity to change things, but I don't feel its very likely. You can say there are certain things you have to do to get elected, but after awhile if you keep doing those things, it changes who you are as a person.


Sir, I dislike most politicians, but think you have your correlation/causation mixed up. Most Republicans are "pro-business", for lower taxes and for offshore drilling. They are Republicans BECAUSE they believe this (at least I am and I don't get any money). Because R's generally believe this, oil companies and cigarette companies (we believe people should generally be able to smoke if they so desire) will donate to them. D's are the same way with unions and trial lawyers. D's are generally less capitalistic (sorry), so unions, environmentalists and trial lawyers will give $$$ to D's because they generally vote with them. They don't necessarily vote that way because they got the money; they likely got the money because they're likely to vote that way!!!

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