Al Franken moves ahead

Al Franken moves ahead


Sure, I don't live in Minnesota, but I feel I should do the right thing when I can.

In Minnesota, we have a new guy, Al Franken, who really does stand up for American shared values. You can see a lot about that here, where he talks about fighting a form of corruption.

It's important to get guys like Al into Congress, and to remove the ones who are connected to suspect stuff. Al's opponent has been, for example, caught protecting the folks implicated in the Valerie Plame matter, and is a known associate of Karl Rove. (Check the other guy's Congresspedia reference)

For that matter, if you want to see something about Al's opponent trying to cover up his history, try here.

It's time to get the good guys in.



Doug K

Nice post. We need both a better sense of humor and honor in the senate. Al has both. Good on you!

Byron Suggs

seems craigslist may be on the way to experiencing a mini revolt, if I read/monitor the Help Forum correctly. Way too many accounts on Hold in a short amount of time. Maybe they should teview their terms of use for obsolete ideology?? Just a thought

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