Steller's Jay extortion scheme

Steller's Jay extortion scheme


I think the loud, clicking call, like a bird from a thirties Tarzan movie, that's the Jay's mating call. It explains why there's so few of them.

The other noise is kind of like the caw of a raven or crow, but not as melodious.

At six am, it's an effective wake-up call.

It means "sure is a nice place you have here… and the suet feeder has run out …"

I plan on yielding.



Stacey Pfeifer

Near my Cobb Mtn home is a place called Singing Rock, named for the ringing tones produced if you stomp on it. It overlooks a small canyon and vista beyond. I never much enjoyed stellar jays until I went to singing rock and watched them sweep that sharp blue across the canyon.
they are ornery buggers, but their feather ornaments get me every time.
Craig, thanks for supporting customer service and the folks that do it everyday. You're kinda of a hero in my work day life. humility, service, truth..i'd say a worthy bunch of words descriptive of a hero.
and thanks for feeding the jays.

Bradley Westervelt

Down in my little garden in the Santa Cruz Mtns. the Stellar and Scrub jays often used to visit. Their multiple voices were amusing, and the yearling Scrubs were bold, curious, would talk to me and approach if I was reading in the yard. It's amazing how many birds will converse with you if given the proper conditions and environment. But "there's so few of them"? The Stellars were among the most common birds around Boulder Creek. Now here in Hawaii I get the Myna's and incredibly beautiful Cardinals- much different than the north american Cardinal.

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