DNC08: The big transition from top-down money democracy to …

DNC08: The big transition from top-down money democracy to …


networked grassroots democracy.

I see it happening, people are catching on. It's waiting for just the right meme or phrasing to trigger a tipping point.

At least that's my illusion, just stood up for it on CNN

In that, I propose some real programs to turn networked campaigning to networked governance, including stuff that's happening right now.

Now, how do we come up with the right phrasing for the right meme?




I saw your piece on CNN – good read.
P.S. So has Katie "come around" and remembered that you were a top ten bachelor yet?!? 😉


It's good to see people are independently realizing that the collapse of freedom stems from apathy and the only cure for that is participation. I have been thinking on this for several years and have recently started putting my thoughts on paper. The implementation of this is essentially a whole new form of government and obviously has tons of pitfalls involved with it. It can be done though. I will send you a copy of my book when I finish it.

Harry Hawk

A good phrase might be, "Of The People." A good brand name might be, "DigitalGOV"
There are risks here to, if you connect voting, to the network and enabled real time referendums, you could end up w/ mob rule.


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