Helping people with nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM)

Helping people with nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM)


I recently met with Philip Leitman, who turned his wife Fernâs suffering from nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) into a mission to help others. NTM is a bacterial lung infection acquired from water or soil. Dr. Timothy Aksamit at Mayo Clinic has said NTM is 10 times 150,000 cases per year. To support a charitable cause where your donation will be used immediately for additional research, please visit



Randy Burman

Hi Craig.
Philip Leitman just sent me an e-mail telling me he met you, and included a link to your comment about NTM. I've helped Philip with graphic sand marketing for his NTM fundraising efforts. I read some of your other entries, and see you are a kindred spirit. I too wonder why the other news media don't employ Jon Stewart-like comparisons. Is truth so much to ask for? Must hypocrisy be the standard currency? Sorry, I'm starting to rant. It's heros like you and Philip that give me hope. It's so discouraging on a day like to day in particular, to see the Republican political machine shape the news with its diversionary tactic of the day. I can only hope that Barack's "Enough" will resound with enough people in this country to make a difference. Thank you for your contributions to our world. You actually have made a difference.

Jon Bernhard

Thanks ever so much for starting this link/ blog on your site.
I have been living with this disease for 22 years now. Long long ago in a far away galaxy there were only 2-4 patients a year diagnosed with this ailment. Today, there are thousands diagnosed every year at medical centers throughout the world. The need for attention to this disease is very real indeed.
For many years now our patient supported groups have been doing the best they can to educate people within and outside of the family to gain exposure of this condition. Through the efforts of we are able to get folks involved. Each and every illness has a grassroots connection that builds to a critical mass where the influences of government health agencies, pharmacuetical companies, and visionaries make a differnce in the longterm outcomes of patients.
Having another voice here through this site helps each one of us hold a voice to a new audience. Through this voice we will identify with others who are interested in helping us get to each new level of awareness across this country and beyond.
Thanks for allowing us to post here.


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